Newbie RV Owner ~ Remodel Without a Plan

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Dec 16, 2012
Graham, WA
Backstory ~ For the past few years I've lived in different RVs from the vans to fifth wheels. Last summer this guy gave me his 1974 Dodge Vogue to live in. Seemed in pretty good condition as far as I knew. Had a broken window and a tree fell on it cracking a part in the back, but other than that... free is good.

Since having it I've pulled out the dining area. Most of the carpet, the futon near the bathroom, replaced the broken window.... kinda... but my goodness I have no idea what I was doing. I thought I did, but it turns out I have no idea.
your other post says you don't know what to do with this mess. Umm- we don't either. Post some photos to give us some insight.
Yeah.... I know. I kinda posted last night when I was exhausted. The power had gone out in the entire RV and I had no idea what was wrong. Turns out this time it had nothing to do with the RV but the socket we had the RV plugged into. I admit that my first post was admitting partial defeat. I really have no idea what I'm doing.

What I do know is that it is a 1974 Dodge Vogue. I will post some old pictures of it when I get them re-sized since the thing keeps saying they are to big. The plan was essentially to completely gut this whole thing so it was essentially a box on wheels with an engine. Then add probably an updated stove and heating unit, better storage and a small amount of plumbing for a sink and bathroom. The idea being I could set it up at my house and rent it out to someone. Our first course of action was ripping out all of the carpeting (a task that is almost completely done). In the process we found mold on the walls and in parts of the ceiling. When we replaced the broken window I realized that the insulation was compressed foam (???) and that while it was sticking to the wood interior panels, the plastic exterior was not stuck to it and I could see clear from the window sill to the ground. I also realized when we were fixing the window that it appears the entire RV has no wood frame so my idea of replacing all the paneling and insulation may be not possible. Climbing on the roof I realized there were cracks, small ones, in the plastic that were allowing water into the insulation of the roof. It doesn't leak much in the interior but it's obvious there's an issue with moisture getting in. The AC doesn't work and honestly I'd like to just remove both units and make one solid roof unit.

The hard part about this is we live in this place right now and will live here for a while. So most of this remodel stuff we are having to do around our lives. Add the fact that our first baby is due in May and things get a little more stressful. But what is life without a challenge? Boring, that's right. My concern right now honestly is the lack of insulation. It seemed that I had to have the propane furnace going all the time in order to keep this thing warm this winter. We had plastic on the windows to prevent drafts and it just seems like theres more I need to do before next winter hits.

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