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Aug 25, 2006
Hi -
I've been reading the many interesting items on this forum for some time but now have a problem that I hope to find some assistance with.  Three weeks ago I purchased a 2004 31 foot Coachmen Class C that is in excellent shape but being a worry-wart' about tires, I decided that I needed the Doran Pressure Pro monitoring system.  I had it installed at an RV service in Titusville, FL even though I live in Winter Springs, FL (about 45 miles away). 

Since it was installed, I have had to call my Emergency Road Service twice to add air to the inside duals so I could take it back to Titusville to resolve the 'losing pressure' issue.  Today I went over to the parking area and once again both duals are very low - one registers 49 psi and the other does not register at all.

What I am hoping to find is a forum reader from this area who can recommend some place locally that I can take the RV and get the tires serviced.  I am new to RVing and am not sure how to proceed with this problem!!

Thank you,

Hey Bonnie,

I have no experience with this setup but am somewhat mechanically inclined. This sounds like a botched installation to me. assuming that the pressure is attached to the valve stem to both tires for monitoring. Sounds like this connection has been compromised.

Good luck with this. Can you go to the manufacturer and find a local dealer from their website?

my 2 cents.


It is pretty hard to botch up the PressurePro installation unless you are unable to screw a valve cap back on straight. The PressurePro sensor just replaces the valve cap. Also, the repeated airing up would have properly tightened the sensor. I would have the tires examined.
Thanks BernieD,

I am not familiar with this product. Seems unlikey that both inside rear tires would have an issue with this system, possible but its possible?

This would have to go to some sort of valve at the pump level or just before to operate, could be just a bad unit. maybe check into warranty.

OK, enough commenting on stuff I have no idea about.


I had new tires put on the front of the toad recently and am having a problem getting one of my Pressure Pro sensors to seat properly on one tire. It will go flat in 4-5 hours due to a leak from the valve stem where the sensotr screws on.  The bizarre thing is that I swapped the  sensor on the leaking wheel with one from another wheel and the problem stopped - neither wheel leaks!  Obviously there is a slight mismatch between one screw on sensor and one valve stem.

Relaxing 101...
Any local tire shop can diagnose why your inside duals are leaking. I suspect that you can solve the problem by installing new valve stems in the problem wheels.  There is a known problem with some styles of valve stems in which the top of the stem does not provide a good airtight seat for the Pressure Pro sensor.  Some folks have solved the problem by lightly filing or sanding the top of the valve stem to flatten it enough to make a tight seal, but it's may be wiser to replace the valves with another brand that is already compatible.

The Dude...
The PP sensor merely screws onto the valve stem - nothing more complicated than that. However, it holds the valve open so it can sense the tire pressure and thus needs a pressure-tight seal around the top of the valve to retain the air. 101's valves/sensors are leaking at this seal.
1.  Remove the sensor from the wheel that goes flat.
2.  Inflate the tire to the pressure desired.  Install old style metal cap with a good seal in it.
3.  24 hours later check the tire pressure.
4  Has the tire in question lost air.
    A.  Yes tire has lost air as before.
          1.  Go to your tire merchant and ask him to Repair the leak.  While there verify that you have the proper rubber        stems or install metal ones(if tubless).
    B.  No, tire has not lost air pressure.
          2.  Call pressure Pro and talk to their customer service.  I had one that leaked and they replaced it free of charge and paid for the shipping and handeling.
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