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Aug 31, 2018
Hi All:  My hubby and I are seriously considering getting into RVing when I retire in a few months.  So, before we jump into anything, thought I'd check out this site and learn a few things!  I'm not shy and will ask plenty of questions!  Thanks!
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Welcome aboard!
Welcome!  What size trailer are you going to start with?  You notice I said "start with." lol's not written in stone...but hubby is looking at Class A 40 ft diesel.  LOL..all I want is an ice maker in the frig and would like a washer/dryer hook up.  He's a retired truck he's starting out big!  I am retiring end of this year from the medical field.  We live in PA and have a condo in the Myrtle Beach SC area.  Plan is to sell our house, move to condo and gypsy around the country. 
Congrats on the new adventure!

When my dad retired from Truck driving... he said he isn't as fond of camping as the rest of us... he said he was camping for 40odd years and was happy to be in a home that doesn't move around any more....
He does camp with us still, but won't be getting his own camper anytime soon!! (Us "kids" get the tent and Mom and Dad get the little 15ft trailer...  lol)
Hi Tricia: in the cab of a big rig is not my idea of fun.....but I think my hubby misses being on the road.  I like to travel and want to stay in various places for several weeks at a time.  So the condo is perfect for this kind of lifestyle.  We plan on starting to look this winter and will look at everything.  Travel trailers, 5th wheels and Class A's & C's.  Best wishes to your Dad on his retirement! 
Best advice I can give you... let him do the driving if you want, but you should also learn to drive enough to feel comfortable driving. Things happen on the road and if he got sick or hurt,  you may need to do the driving to get someplace where he can get care. 
I agree!  Great advice and we have planned to do that.  I've always shared in the driving.  Haven't driven anything as big as a what we're looking at, but never have been afraid to drive. 
I have a 38 ft. and have been the only driver. Good thing because now I am driving alone. Well, I do have my navigator and now co-pilot, Hank, the Beiizean Swampdog



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Caryl:  LOL....We have an elderly miniature schnauzer who travels everywhere with us.  He's deaf as a door nob, but still very spunky!  However, I'm not sure I trust his navigation skills....he's been known to change course to chase squirrels and kitties!
Hi and welcome.  Floorplan is the key, consider how you will live in it.

Check out this website for some ideas:

Then go and see some and consider how you would live in it.  Make sure the bed is big enough etc...

Good luck.

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