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Feb 7, 2019
Nisswa, Minnesota
Hi all,
This will actually be my second RV purchase. My first RV was a little 15? foot Eddie travel trailer.  It served me well during the years I was raising my kids. I?m recently retired and planning to get back into it with the possibility of going full-time.  I recently came across the newcomer advice to ?go cheap, go small, go now.?  I guess that means to not spend too long doing the analysis.  The number of choices out there are dizzying. Anyway, I?ve settled on two or three simple travel trailer designs that I like for my purposes. I have one simple newbie question and will spend some time searching the discussions for answers but here it is. I live in Minnesota and will likely have to store this investment either outdoors or at best, in some sort of unheated outdoor shelter.  Some of the models I?m looking at have a single slide out. Should I be concerned about slide outs having leak issues in the future if the RV is being stored up here in the frozen tundra? Our winters are pretty brutal and I wonder if the slide out is a weak link where water will eventually find its way in? That?s it for now. Look forward to your input and becoming an active member of the group.
Welcome to the RV Forum Reedhoppa

?go cheap, go small, go now.?

Sorry I disagree....Find the right RV that will give you the most enjoyment for your money..You may cry once when you write that check, but that will fad away with the good times you will have.

Our winters are pretty brutal and I wonder if the slide out is a weak link where water will eventually find its way in?

Other on the site will be along to give their thoughts, Meanwhile I would check out people that may live around you and ask them if they have a problem. But my guess would be if stored it would no different than going down the road in the rain.

possibility of going full-time.

If your thinking full time then take your time to find the right RV. A trailer does not offer much storage for everyday life. And you also want to focus on the right floor plan to suit your needs

Welcome to the forum. If you plan to use the RV during the colder months, consider "4 season" trailers. Although, some on the forum say that there isn't such a thing. But, the extra insulation will make cold weather camping more comfortable.

By the way, I was born in Crosby 7 decades ago. Then last year, on the way home from a month long road trip, I spent 3 days in a very nice rural hospital in Jackson.
Welcome to the forum. I lived in Burnsville until I went full time a few years ago. Gonna be spending part of my summer in Faribault due to a newborn grandbaby.

Almost everyone in Minnesota who owns RVs store them outside all winter. I think that as long as your trailer is winterized correctly, it should be ok. Just make sure the slides are pulled all the way in.
Hi and welcome to the forum?

We have a trailer and we have a lot of storage, well enough for us to live in it for 6 months, but I guess it depends on how much "stuff" you have/need.  You need to check this and what is available in the rigs you look at.

Sorry to disagree Giz!

Also consider your floorplan carefully. How you live in it is important. For example if you watch a lot of TV then the position of seating in relation to the TV is important. Do you need a walk around bed? Lots of room to prep food?  Shower or bath?


Have fun and good luck!
My 5th wheel is a 2002 model that has 3 slides. I did find a small leak on the roof of one slide where the eternabond tape peeled back.  Replaced that 3 years ago and have had no problems since.  Minnesota cold?  -31 degrees last week in Alexandria and camper sits out all year.
Thanks for all the quick reply?s! I?m headed down to the camping and RV show in Minneapolis tomorrow. I need to sit in a few RVs I think. I appreciate the comments on slide outs. I?m not going to get too concerned about the leak issue. I am pretty good about maintenance and storage so hopefully that won?t be an issue. Regarding three seasons trailers, I think I?ll be traveling in this for about six months out of the year to escape the MN winters, primarily in warmer parts of the country. But I may occasionally use the trailer for a spring turkey hunt or a fall deer hunt so it will need a good furnace.  If there?s a fifth wheel in my future, it will be down the road once I become a devoted full timer! By the way, a couple of the trailers I?m looking at are made by Forest River. Any comments on the quality of their products?
My thoughts on Forrest River are...Meh

IMHO...They are no better then any of the other companies making RV's
Welcome to the RV Forum from another Minnesotan.  We had one slide on our TT and then we upgraded to a 5th wheel with three slides.  We store the 5th wheel outside.  No problems with slides so far.

BTW.  What part of Minnesota are you in?

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