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Nov 17, 2006
North Georgia

I've been posting (and reading the forum) for a month; thought I'd wait until we bought a camper to introduce ourselves.  My wife Alice and I, and our dog (15 years and going strong) are from north Georgia.  We haven't owned an RV until now; we picked up our new 2005 Surveyor model 260 on Saturday and pulled it down to Lake Cherokee, Tennessee.  The furnace was nice; it was 22 degrees that night!  All three of us greatly enjoyed our first RV camping experience.  Quite a bit different than the tent camping I've been enjoying for 25 years.  This kind of living will spoil you rotten!

Of course we had a learning experience on our first outing.  My water supply hose started to freeze at about 8pm, so I thought, No problem I'll just fill the fresh water tank (which is under a dinnette seat).  Filled it up, turned on the pump, nothing but air.  But the tank level gradually dropped down until the tank was dry.  It didn't look like 30 gallons on the ground under the trailer, considering how much I had spilled while filling the tank, so I was mistified.  Filled the tank again, looked under the trailer and saw it draining out.  Turns out you have to reach between the wheels and about 3' under the camper to cap the fresh tank drain line.  But the pump still just pumped air.  After digging around under the dinette seat behind a heat duct, I found a valve which allows the pump to draw either air or water.  Success!  The dealer failed to tell us about these minor details.  No problem, we figured it out and had a great time!

Thanks to all of you for the advise and suggestions.  I look forward to learning and eventually helping some newbie who posts a question.

Congratulations on the Surveyor. Sounds like you're already putting it to good use.
Hi Alice & Eric,

Welcome to the RV Forum and congratulations on the Surveyor. I am sure you will enjoy it.  Please look around the forum,  join in on any of the on going discussions, start new discussions, or ask questions.  Thanks for joining us

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