Newfangled sewer hose holder

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Mar 17, 2005
Payson AZ
My sewer hose is too long for the holder, and there isn't enough expansion room under the RV.  So, I was thinking.  I had seen cars and trucks with fishing rod tubes on their roofs.  In the Bass Pro master catalog,,  Item # 21-826-667-00 is the Bazuka Pro rod case.  It expands from 72" to 102" and is 6" in diameter on the inside.  I'm told that's all clearance.  I'm still not entirely sure they don't have hard molded indentations inside, but my sewer hose is at the most 5" in diameter where some fittings are.  I don't have the strenth or patience to take the structure apart between stops.  I have a pair of those wonderful rhino tubes from Camping World hooked together with various clamps and the only fittings that really work on them.  I like its sturdiness.  Anyway, it'll fit just great in the Bazuka Pro, and I can get even more length in there, if I find I need a longer hose.  Then I'll either stand the thing alongside the ladder and hook it, or I can lash it to the cargo rack on the car.  It's sealed enough, I could even run the case down the aisle inside alongside the couch while I'm on the road.  The hose slides in one end, and both ends have caps, of course.  It might even fit alongside a wall inside the toad.  The case can be stored under the RV or back alongside the ladder when I'm hooked up.

I know, I know, it's not something a handy person can whip together for $2.50, but for me it seems like a good solution.  It's even lockable and has a handle to help with the tiedowns.  Bass Pro has other cases 4" and 5" in diameter, but I went with the largest in case there are obstructions inside.  It opens only at the end, so it would be almost impossible to remove anything molded into the plastic.  And, if I do carry it on top of the car, at least it won't be a long piece of PVC riding up there.

It's supposedly airline approved.  Wouldn't it be funny to check the thing on a plane, and some baggage handler or other person decides to help himself to a fishing rod...


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