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Jun 10, 2016
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Our Pace was the last year they made it as a gasser and we?ve generally been well pleased with it. We?ve often said how lucky we consider our choice as it was our first ever RV of any kind.  But as we head into our fourth year full timing, we?re giving thought to trading. The nice thing is we?re in absolutely no hurry and can take as long as needed to find our next one.
We?re going to be in Bradenton, FL for three months (a record stationary time for us) and will no doubt be checking out Lazy Days. But as we start our looking, it seems generally better value can be found at PPL.  (And better value still from private sellers. But we?ll need time to move from old to new and also want to sell/trade the old and don?t really want to be a private seller ourselves.)
I?ll be asking more about specifics as we narrow down models. But any thoughts/advice on Lazy Days vs PPL?  Any words of wisdom about moving from one to another?  We?ve made a list with three categories:  Must have; verging on must have; and would be nice to have.
I think PPL is a decent source, but PPL is a consignment sales lot, so most everything you might buy there is in fact a private sale and "as-is". That's why the prices are lower - PPL won't even accept a consignment unless it is priced for quick sale.    When buying through PPL, if you want anything checked out, cleaned up  or repaired, YOU pay for it (though of course you can always make a lower price offer).  At a dealership, you can try to negotiate that sort of thing into the selling price, and the dealer has typically built some leeway for that into his asking price.
Some people have been disappointed at the condition of many of the rigs at PPL. The condition is whatever the seller brings in - PPL is just the agent. Some people who consign rigs are just trying to get away with the least effort on their part and maybe weren't all that great on care even for their own stuff.  Caveat emptor.
I recently learned that PPL is now doing trade-ins, where they buy the RV you choose from the seller so they can take yours in trade. That might work for you. Don't expect big trade-in values though. Strictly wholesale.

We've bought two coaches at Lazy Days and had one excellent experience and one that was a trial, though the latter was more the factory's fault than Lazy Days (it was a new coach).  We found LD to be cooperative but not always able to fulfill the promises made by the management. We were happy with the prices we negotiated.  As one of the country's largest dealers, they have a broad selection of new & used RVs.

There are other large dealers in the same general area, e.g. North Trail, General RV, and CW, plus several smaller ones. Together with LD, it makes for good shopping. Winter is their busiest season, with new trades arriving literally every day.  LD alone sells a dozen RVs each and every day.
It sounded like you wanted the services typical of buying through a dealer.

PPL is easy to keep an eye on, though. Just check their webpage regularly and see if they have anything that fits your needs.  Now that they take trades, it's fairly easy to take advantage if something turns up.

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