NH to Florida this February

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Nov 29, 2023
I have most my reservations done, just the ones that start Jan 1st to go. Question is places to overnight on the way down (and back). We've done this run a couple times now and still looking for better places along the route.

In February, being rather cold , we end to grab a room on the first night of travel. We try not to travel much over 250 miles a day and prefer using RT 81 so that means a stay in PA, near Roanoke (love to find something in the Washington/Jefferson NF), we stop again before Atlanta (I see more NF's around there) and we enter the Panhandle of Florida and slow down!

As you see I really like National Forests! I'm open to all suggestions, yet really prefer getting off the highway and overnighting.

Thank you in advance for you thoughts.
Hi neighbor welcome to the forum. Where are you from in NH? I’m in Farmington right next to Rochester.
When we had our Rv, (just sold it) we use to take 81. We always stayed in Walmarts or Cracker Barrel’s. We always had really long days. 12 hours the first day, 10 hrs the second day, then 4/5 hours the third day. We landed in Lakeland FL. We were always in a hurry to get to warm weather
Hi! I'm in Auburn. I'm still debating FL or AZ as our winter spot. As of now we're liking being mobile with the truck camper.

Haven't stayed at a Cracker Barrel as of yet. It always seemed to be a hit or miss and the couple I did try at already had someone in their designated spot (even though the lot was fairly empty.. Walmarts are posting more and more now. They were my goto when in transit. I found there was to use the stores further away from the major cities.

We've been utilizing the National Forest system quite a bit for the past several years when in transit and found this to be a good resource. Typically I can find something close enough to the routing I'm using. I have two more on this trip to check out.

Shame PA doesn't allow overnights in their rest areas! They have some pretty good ones! West Virginia does and will check it out for another run. Virginia, were we may overnight, does not, real shame for they also have a few good ones. Georgia does and satellite viewing those to see if there's a possible. To me a good rest area is a Visitor Center, or car parking (truck camper mind ya) behind the building (furthest from the highway).

If you don't mind, what towns were your stops in?

Thank you for your response.
Every CB I went to always had several spots for rv’s in the back of the bldg.
Guess it's just my luck with them, like I said only tried a couple. I do have the one in Atlanta marked out as a backup.
Be ready, every CB we ever tried to stay at, the RV spaces were filled by 4wheeler that "did not" happen to see the signs....
Update: Worked out my plan for traveling south. Motel in PA, then 2 NF stops. First on in VA and actually a pull out as the CG is closed. Second in GA just north of Atlanta.

Now working out a return path as we travel into Savannah on the way back. So far I figure Skidaway SP in Savannah, but working through possible spots in/around Jacksonville.
Looking at Huguenot CG in Jacksonville. Anyone stay there?

After Savannah I figure to stay again in the NF, maybe GA/SC as we work our way back.

Skidaway Island SP is a great campground. A bit pricey when talking state parks, but for our stay there our pull-thru campsite may have been the largest campsite we've enjoyed in 15 years of RV'ing. Short 15-20 ride into Savannah if you desire.

A great campground not far from Jacksonville is Four Lakes Campground in Hastings, FL. All pull-thru's with a great husband and wife team owners.

As far as Walmarts go, if you call in advance while on the road, or go into the store when there, you will find there are a lot more of them that allow overnight "parking" not camping (there is a difference that some abuse) even though the parking is posted "No Overnight Parking". Many times this is to discourage vagrants and illegal activities from conducting business in their lots, among other reasons.

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