NHTSA recall..old news

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Jan 11, 2010
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Wondering if anyone had posted this before. I've wondered why Toyo doesn't play well with RV's ..now I know. Looks like it's not so much Toyos problem but more to the RV manufactures. At any rate I'm happy with my new Toyo's and although they aren't made in USA, they aren't chinese either. Japan.....not so bad.

This is old news. In the early 2000's Country Coach, Monaco, Fleetwood and probably others sent their RVs out with stickers that under-inflated the tires - mostly to give a better ride. Most of the problems were with the 275/70 22.5 tires, but the real issues was the tire inflation specified on the weight sticker and secondly using tires that were at or near there maximum capacity to carry the coach. Added to that RV owners often ignore the allowed axle weights and exceed the carry capacity by overloading the coach.

All three of the above manufacturers replaced most of the 275/70 22.5s add in most cases also issue new weight stickers with the proper inflation.

When I pickup my 2000 Windsor at the factory in Wakarusa, the coach had 90psi in the front tires (this was also the PSI on the weight sticker). These were 275/70 22.5s and the front axle rating was 13,200. Per the tire specs these tires needed to be at 125PSI to carry the axle rating, but the wheels were rated for only 120PSI. I insisted the the tires be inflated to 120 before I took delivery. I was referred to Monaco engineering who insisted that they could "re-rate" the tires! To get them to inflate the tires to 120PSI I had to sign a document that I what I was doing could cause a problem. BTW 120PSI carried the actually weight of the coach, per chart it need 115.

Later I took the coach to Monaco in Coburg and talked to the VP of Customer service. I showed him GY weight chart and the wheel rating. I got them to put 275/80 22.5s on the front which had the needed capacity to carry the rated load at 120 PSI. Shortly after Monaco issued a recall and issued new weight stickers with the proper inflation, but because of the wheel PSI limit they also "derated the front axle 12,800. This didn't go over well and later Monaco issued another recall replacing the 275/70s with 295/80s. At the time I was talking to the VP at Monaco he called his counterpart at Country Coach and found out they were faced with the same issue.


This was discuss extensively back in the day, but it's old, old news now.  However, Toyo is still smarting from the bad press (there were actually some lawsuits!) they got as a result of foolishness on the part of a couple major RV manufacturers and to this day Toyo will  not recommend any of their tires for RV applications. That doesn't mean you can't use them, though.
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