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Ken K

Sep 22, 2005
Mundelein, Il
Wife tired of tenting, have boat. Bought a class C.? Now sit and wonder, what have I done?

By the way, I'm the admin of a couple of forums, nice work on this one, congrats -
Welcome to the RV Forum.  Congratulations on the purchase of the class C.  I'm sure you and your wife will enjoy the new digs.  Please ask any questions that come to mind relating to RVing.  Glad you found us.
Hi Ken and welcome to our forum. Thanks for the kudos.

Which class C did you buy and what boat do you have? Where are you located?

Sorry about the questions, just curious. We got into RVing 20 years ago when we wanted to tow a boat behind a motorhome.
Picked up a used 97 Jayco, 32'. Great shape and 25k miles on it. We're in Mundelien, Il, just north of Chicago. Been tent camping and backpacking all my life, so this is a new experience. After the heat this summer (and our friends buying a class c for thier boat) my wife and kids were ready to get into a camper. So much for the rugged outdoors! LOL - Oh well, should be a good time.

Really impressed with your site, looks like you've really put in some hours! (I may steal your library idea)

When the missus has tasted the good life of motorhoming, you realize there's no going back  ;D  A 32 foot motorhome is a nice choice for combining RVing and boating. You shouldn't have any problems at the launch ramps.

What forum(s)/sites do you operate and what software do you use? The library content here is served up by a CMS package which is a bit of an overkill for just a library, but we have a number of other features we use in the CMS system. It's also relatively easy to add/change stuff.
Most of the time the camper will be used for weekend outings, and there are plenty of trucks around to help out on the tight ramps. You're right about the Mrs., WE"LL never be in a tent again, me, perhaps, but not US! Really happy with the unit, it seems to be pretty solid. 

Admin a couple boating forums (wakeboarding) and family forums. Mostly Post Nuke with PHP forums. Your library looks really flexible, but meaning that I may use a "library link" to post frequently asked questions and such. Great idea, rather than typical stickys, and looks a lot cleaner.

Wakeboarding sounds like too much excitement for me! Lucky if I get out on the jetski nowadays. Haven't got up on skis in a long time. We live on the CA delta and have lots of waterskiers and wakeboarders in the rivers and sloughs. I prefer to cast a lure to a passing striper or black bass. My neighbor waterskiis every day, including competition.

If you're ever out west here's a list of RV parks/campgrounds in the Delta area.

PostNuke was on my list to be evaluated when I stumbled into Mambo. Still have less than 25% of Mambo's capabilities turned on. Wasn't sure if you were talking about the files we have in our library (click the Library button above) or the FAQs (click the FAQ button above) which has a list of links to some how-to's. Both have their uses and, as you correctly point out, can save a lot of repetition. Too many stickies sure make the place look messy and, in fact, I'm currently in the process of cleaning most of ours out.

Was about ready to go with phpBB when I stumbled into SMF. Glad I did - this is rock solid.

All this OSI stuff is pretty good though - lots of folks contributing their time to the development and testing. Wish I was a php and mySQL wiz, although I manage to get by when I need to mod or edit something.
Well, at least you know what it is!  :) So many people don't. I still fish from time to time, mostly with the fly rod.
The Delta is an area the has produced a lot of talented riders. I've seen a lot of pictures, but haven't been - yet! Really enjoy it though and wish the sport was around when I was younger. The kids are now starting, well, not sure that anything beats a day on the lake with your family and friends.
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