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Dec 27, 2012
Howdy from the big city of Helotes Texas.  I'm lurking, reading, and learning.  Want to get an RV of some kind as retirement looms in about 1.5 years. I wish I had done it years ago! LOL.... I'm very interested, as I grew up with an RV in the family.  Daddy had an old fiberglass round looking Dodge Travco which he burned to the frame in an electric heater "incident"----and later an old Southwind.  Some of my best memories growing up were spent in these beasts of motor homes and I loved it.  I just want to make an informed decision before I plunk down the cash, as many here do, I presume. I'm mostly interested in getting something used, with low miles, and love the thought of a deisel.  After reading a bit it looks like gas is not that big an issue as I thought it was.  I mean my pockets are only so deep, but the extra cost of that deisel rig may not quite be the bargain I initally thought.  The extra cost of the fuel and the oil changes! Wow, I may just go with a gas MH instead of the coveted diesel.  I'm so new to this arena and know I have a lot to learn. I wanted to thank all the experienced folks here now because I find this forum to be invaluable...sheesh, sounds like I have a lot of learning to do.  I'm game, keep the thoughts and comments coming for a noob like me.  I appreciate all you guys and gals posting the good info.  Keep it up! The "library" is amazing!

Thanks all!

--2 Harleys
--3 dogs
--1 hard to please wife
--empty nesters
Welcome Texbagger.  I lived in SA for 11 years, the last 3 in Helotes (Cedar Springs).  We loved camping in the Hill Country and still get back when we can (of course, the kids and grandkids are still in SA).  Anyway, I don't have much for you on the diesel vs gas decision for a motorhome, as I have a 5th wheel.  But since you mention the two Harleys, maybe a diesel would still be in your decision making process for pulling them.  A diesel will pull a trailer easier, though I'm not sure how much of a benefit it is for a MH.  I'm sure a MH expert will come along and add more to this.  Otherwise, whether you buy used or new, be sure and hit the RV show when it comes to San Antonio (usually in the January/February timeframe).  That way you can look at all the different options for all types of RV's (MH, 5th wheel, TT, etc.).

Good luck, and keep us posted!
Welcome, TexBagger!

We are paper Texans (Escapees, and although we full time, my office is actually in Dallas).

To Ed's point, there are some advantages to the diesel, and while we never ran a gas motorhome, our two diesels have not broken the bank with maintenance. While the service is different, the intervals are, as well, and you may find the cost per mile is not that outrageous.

For pulling, though, especially if you plan to be out west in the more mountainous areas, I think you'll find it worth your while to have the extra torque and low speed power.

There is no one way to do any of this, so reading and asking questions are going to be the best things you can do to become aware of all of your options.

I think you'll enjoy the journey, regardless of how you do it!
Test drive each....than you can decide better..
I've had both...when I got what I consider as a "good enough" deal on a DP I went and haven't looked back..
Just put 7,000 power train trouble-free miles across the UP and to the west coast than down to LA and over to San Antonio than back to MI...
Pulled a CRV all the way and it was a sweet trip..
My Elandan pulls the CRV OK and I liked it but the DP did the mountains ever so much better..
Think of how your going to use it and how often and how far you'll go...than decide and enjoy your new, to you, RV...
Once you decide never look back and try to second guess your decision...
As some in this forum say...."it's all about the journey" ...have fun.

I appreciate the kind responses, and reading and informing myself is what I'm all about.  So for towing, I have a 400 pound purpose built harley hauler.  Bikes weigh around 750 each so all said I'll be towing shy of 2,000 pounds if I take both bikes.  I have played around with the idea of one of those sprinters but the room inside worries me some.  Of course I love the thought of getting one of the big 40 foot rigs, now theres some room.  There are only 2 of us travelling so I'm still on the fence.

The RV show is here next weekend, hopefully me and the Miss can settle on something there.

Thanks again guys! Still on my quest!

Iron Horse Canyon
Helotes TX
Hi Mike!  My husband Jim and I are in Kyle, just up the road a piece from you...  :)  We're just starting our planning to hit the road in about a year.  We have a harley road king classic, and we're planning on towing a car too.  Jim is looking at the lifts you can have welded to the rv, then hooking up the car trailer behind that.  We intend to be full-timers, so we're looking at the 40' motorhomes now, and getting ready to start downsizing our lives.  But we have 4 cats and a macaw to consider...  :)  you said there's an rv show in town next weekend - i'm going to try to talk Jim into going...  :)

edjunior said:
Awesome!  Good to see another local Texan on here, I suspect there are many others.  My wife and I are looking at everything we can before we buy.  There are soooo many choices out there, it's just hard to determine which one we will go with.  I like the idea of lifting my Harley up on the back.  I was driving down IH10 last week in Alabama and saw a Honda Gold Wing way up on the back of a 40 footer RV.  I was amazed a bike that heavy could be lifted and safely carried back there.  Sure got me to thinking I could carry my Harley softail the same way.  I have a 2012 CVO Convertible that would easily fit if I could rig up something, and then have room for  my Honda Car to toad also.  I purchased a Kendon Tariler I had planned on towing both Harley on but we will see. 

We are going to Sturgis in 2013, are Yall making that trip?  We are staying with my brother and his wife in their RV, he has a pretty big toy hauler.
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