Norcold 1200L RIM Auto Mode Problem

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Jun 11, 2013
While driving from AZ to CO my refrigerator would beep and say no ac, this while it was in auto mode.  I switched it over to LP and it would run for awhile but then go off and say no AC.  I'm guessing I have a circuit board problem, but I thought I would check with the board before going that route. If anyone has another thought I would appreciate hearing it.
So I'm guessing the fridge works ok on electric when plugged in? I had a similar problem with a Norcold that just would not stay lit on LP so the display would hunt as you describe.
Even if you have a board problem the thing should stay lit when you force it to the LP setting. Sounds like you have a problem keeping the LP side lit and working. I would service that side first to see if it starts working better. Tap on the side of the flue tube lightly and watch all the flakes come down into the box below. Clean the flue tube, the burner box (vacuum) and check the flame when it is running. You might need to put a new orifice on it that can be purchased from most Rv shops. This will all make a world of difference. You will need to download a service manual if you don't have one or just bring it in for a service if you don't feel comfortable doing these repairs.
Once it stays lit set to LP see if the display goes back to working correctly.
Yea that makes sense, never thought about the flame going out, just felt the logic in the board was off.  I will check the flame as you suggest, thanks for the info.

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