Norcold frig and Carrier AC in Everest 5th Wheel

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Aug 12, 2006
In the last 6 months I've noticed that the frig does not cool or freeze properly. most of the time it works fine the temp in the freezer will be 20 degrees and frig will be 40. a few times a month the temp goes up to 30 freezer and 50 frig. At these times the ice want freeze, ice cream gets soft and drinks are not very cold in the frig. Our air was not working properly either, it worked well sometimes and at others the compressor would not come on. It may work fine for days and then it will take a few hours/days off. Have had air con worked on can't find a problem accept replace the sensor. I don't really think it was bad . Took the rv in to a dealer to repair both problems they replaced lower end of converter. We are still having same problems. please help we are at the end of our rope.
Thanks moe

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
I know a couple with a Carrier heat pump in the Holiday Presidential and it has acted like yours for a couple years now. Nothing the dealers try seems to fix it. They have to flip the breaker to get the a/c to reset when it decides to take a rest. Then its ok until the next time...

As for your fridge, the way that stuff is packed in it can drastically affect cooling - too much stuff crowded around the cooling fins blocks the flow (convection) of cold air in the fridge and it warms up. A dective termocouple could probably also do that, but the problem usually isn't intermittent. Unles maybe once in a while yoou push something against it?  The thermocouple usually clips to one of te cooling fins inside the fridge.

Another thing that can cause this a poor door seals. It's flat amazing how much a little air leak can warm up the fridge.Wonder is occasionally the seals around the door gets out of position, folds over or some such, allowing warm air in until it somehow gets back in the right place.
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