Norcold model # N841LMR fault code reset

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Sep 13, 2006

We always camp primitive, sometimes we are unable to get perfectly level. Our 3 way fridge will shut off and give us a code of "no co". I know by the owner's manual that means one of three things; mainly not level. I know to shut off the fridge level the unit and turn the fridge back on, you only get one shot. If you get the code again you have to take it back to the dealer to be "reset".

We have had this problem 3 times in the past, (kids/guests not knowing better than to keep pushing the on button) always having to take the camper in to the dealer and have them reset the fridge at $35 a pop. I have read my manual and begged the dealer but they won't tell me the "secret".

This is what I have done; I took the front panel off (located between the freezer and fridge doors) and unplugged the wiring harness connection, I have also gone to the outside exhaust panel and unplugged the electrical plug from the outlet. Neither of these things have worked.

The dealership won't let me watch them reset the unit they just keep taking my $35. I can't think of any other place they could be resetting the fridge from.

Does anyone know of the secret reset switch???


Found this on another rv forum:
Access the rear of the fridge thru the vent cover outside and remove the circuit board cover. There will be a 16 pin connector right in front of you. Make a jumper about 4-5 inches long and insert 1 end in the #15 pin location which is normally vacant(top row second from left). Touch other end to one of the three grounds at the bottom right corner of the board(white wire). Hold for 10-15 seconds. You should hear a click as the control resets. If the fridge does not cool down and go thru a full cooling cycle, this could be an indication of other problems such as a faulty cooling unit. If that occurs you should take it in to be checked further. Jack

I read that post too, I'm gonna have to get my husband to try that one, I'm not into jumping circuit boards. I just know other folks have got to be having this problem also. Maybe I just  have an overly sensative board and the solution would be to change out the board.

There have been many, many problems with control boards for everything from fridges to furnaces, and that's why companies like Dinosaur are in existence. I've personally replaced 2 boards with those made by Dinosaur and haven't had a problem since. No, I don't have any connection with them, but others will back up my story. If it comes to that, they're available through most rv repair shops; they don't sell directly to the public. Figure about $100 - or three trips (plus the aggravation) to the repair shop.

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