Norcold Refrigerator Problem

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May 10, 2006
I just purchased a new travel trailer and set it up last weekend. The trailer is level.? I started the Norcold refrigerator(Model N61) and it seemed to work fine.? After one day of use the on light was on, but flashed five times about every three seconds.? The Norcold operations manual said to reset the refrigerator.? Which per the manual is just shutting the refrigerator off and then turning it back on.

Well after turning it back on, the light was still blinking five times.? Apparently, now the refrigerator is in lockout mode and the manual says this is not owner serviceable, see your dealer.? It is under warranty and the dealer says, "Sure bring it in".? ?But that means dragging the trailer 400 miles round trip.? Is there a way to truly reset the? control board myself?? The dealer won't inform me how to reset the board myself.?

Could someone please help?
==But that means dragging the trailer 400 miles round trip==

Can you call Norcold and find if there is a dealer closer?

I did that with my Motorhome. when I was 2,000 miles from home with a problem. There was, about 20 miles each way  (Only my problem was not a NorCold)

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