Norfridge Operating instructions?

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Aug 10, 2012
I guess I can operate my Norfridge with gas or electricity, but haven't tried it out yet. I can't find any 'start' switch, is there a way to turn it on? Or just push the 'gas' or 'electric' switch? :-\

It's a 1983 model
Can you find a model information on the fridge. It might help in finding a manual for you... Or you could try here.
Ahhh, didn't see one on it. - I'm trying to figure out solar, what the average amp hours on (one like this) would be.
Like my fridge only draws 1.2 Amps @ 12 VDC and as AC side for the heater its 3.0 Amp @ 120 VAC. At least that give you a spec to least work from.
Generally you just push the electric switch for 120v usage. Pushing the gas switch works if the fridge has DSI ignition (it lights itself), but doesn't if the gas burner requires manual lighting. I can't answer that without knowing the fridge model cause both type were around in 1983 (newer ones are all DSI).

In LP gas mode you only need DC electric, probably 1.0-1.5 amps. In 120v electric mode you still need the DC, but you also need 120v electric for the heater, probably about 350-400 watts. Solar can't provide that directly, but you could perhaps use an inverter from a solar-charged battery. It's possible your fridge also has a 12v electric mode, but we need the model number to determine that too.

Look inside the fridge door for a sticker; also open the outside access panel and see if there is model info back there.
Her's a simple test: Stand outside with the rear access door off, so you can see/hear the fridge burner easily. Have someone else switch the fridge to gas mode and you should hear it spark and then ignite if you have DSI ignition on the fridge.
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