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Mar 11, 2005
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A new problem suddenly popped up on our new 2005 KS3910.  We have been running the air most of the time (fulltiming) and yesterday we began to hear a sound that was sort of like bacon frying, or rain pattering.  In fact I was working on the pc and in the back of my mind though a soft rain had started.  I looked outside and saw it was sunny, so I turned to the stove to see if something was cooking.

Turned out it is a crackling sound coming from our forward zone output ducts.  I removed the vent from two of the forward duct openings and in one duct opening was about a 2 inch square of something that looked like aluminum foil, though a but stronger.  I removed it but the crackling sound continues.  It is just loud enough to be quite annoying.

Anyone know what is going on or had a similar problem.  I am thinking of going to Home Depot today and picking up a 50 foot fish tape (something I need anyway for future wiring jobs) and attaching a small rag and pushing through the duct to see if I pick anything else up.

Would appreciate any tidbits anyone has to offer on this.
Try using a mirrow and direct a flash light beam on it to see if you can see anything else in the duct. It appears that they left debris in the duct when they cut out for the vents. Happens all the time with any manufacturer.

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