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Feb 8, 2019
As mentioned in our intro, we are very new at this. As part of our research into the RV lifestyle we plan to attend the RV expo in Marietta, GA this weekend. While a new RV is out of the question, we hope to get a better feel for the options available and which would work best for us.

Our biggest requirement is the bedroom must have a door. We also must be able to take our Harleys with us.

We are currently considering three options:
1) Class A DP, 30-40 feet, 10k towing, class IV or better hitch. We would use a tandem dolly to tow our car and both Harleys. We are currently looking at several 2002-2005 Winnebagos in the $30-40k range. We love the layout of these.
2) F-350 with bumper pull trailer. We would put the bikes in the back of the truck.
3) F-350 with 5th wheel toy hauler trailer.

If anyone has suggestions or other configurations I would love some input.

I have yet to see a used class A diesel toy hauler so we've given up on that idea.
Have you considered a toy hauler motorhome, something like this one with a lift and garage / bedroom that sold last year at PPl in Houston

That would be a consideration but I have never seen one on any of the "RVtrader" type sites. I'm assuming that, since there are so few out there, they sell at a premium.
You are doing the right thing by doing your research first, the more you know the better you can pick something that will work for you.  But also know that you probably won't end up with the "perfect" solution on the first purchase.  There are give and takes and what might work for you now may not work for you later and RV's don't increase in value over time.  Once you are doing the RV thing you will learn what you like and don't like and what you can live with and without.  When I first packed my RV I packed things I thought I would need.  However many of those things I have not used in 2 years, and everything you pack is weight, and every bit of wait adds up costing you more in travel costs.

So just know that it is a learning process and a living process.  I have known people that have gone from Class A to 5ivers to TT in their journey to downsize and vise versa as well.  So whatever you buy just enjoy it and over time you will learn what you actually need and want.

Best of luck :)
There are several brands that have built toy hauler motorhomes over the years, some were on the Freightliner FRED (front diesel) chassis like the Safari Simba, other recent models are on Super C chassis, though I am not sure which of the others have a lift on the back, vs just ramps. One of the Super C models is the Gulf Stream Gladiator, also look at the Thor Outlaw, and I think even Newmar made a toy hauler of some type with a fold down ramp, and a garage separate and aft of the bedroom, that could do double duty as a second private bedroom with its own entry door, on the high end older model I think even Travel Supreme built one nearly 20 years ago.

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