NY Adirondack fall foliage reports

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We were up there over the weekend and Monday for the Adirondack 90 mile canoe classic and it has just started .
we were in Old forge, Long lake, Blue Mountain Lake , Inlet, Tupper Lake,  Saranac Lake, Raquette Lake and a few more off the beaten track places and saw mostly green

Jack L
Mostly green here in the western NC mountains as well. The greens are shading toward a yellowish tint and a few of the smaller tree species are mostly yellow, but no real sign the oaks, maples and gum trees are changing yet. Nor the aspens and birches either - it's been warm so far.
In northern Vermont, near St Johnsbury, the other day we saw quite a few Maple with a branch or 2 that had turned red. We only saw one tree that was all red. The red this year is really vibrant. Could be really beautiful colors in a few weeks.

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