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Mar 11, 2005
wherever we are parked
We would like to thank Sam and Ron for having the chance to stay with them at Sam's Camp and have our shiny new Direcway communications system installed.? Over the last week they have become our favorite RVing couple.? If you ever get an invitation to Sam's camp, grab it.? You will learn LOTS about fulltiming and RVing, and the Lewistown setting is really nice.

If you are interested in getting on the Internet via a satellite broadband connection, you cannot do better than having Ron Ruward at your side.? He really knows his stuff, and he will not abandon you once you break camp.? He even offered to drive more than a hundred miles to help me after I left.? But his teaching is superb and we were able to work out the last glitch over the telephone.? He was once an instructor of airplane pilots.? And it shows!? Be prepared for several FULL days of rigorous training.? Ron will NOT let you leave without experiencing every nuance of dish installation and operation.? I bet I climbed that ladder 50 times while I was there.? <g>? I am also supposed to tell Terry what a great roof mount I got!!? (Wonder what that is all about?? ;D )

After Ron works you to exhaustion, Sam takes over and feeds you apple pie.? MMmmmmm!

Thanks guys!? We love you!

Smoky & Sharon
Sam & Ron sure know to make visitors welcome. Surprised you didn't mention Shirley, the campground manager; She's one hecxk of a nice lady who's known by many Framily members.
You guys are making us blush.  We enjoy having framily member visit Sam's Camp.  Thanks for the kind words. 

Smoky Terry has a great rooftop mount too but he has yet to get a hinge for the LNB arm.  Guess he will be getting one in Yuma.  Thanks again for the kind words.

Smoky and Sharon will have to come back so we can show you some of the sights around Lewistown, take Sky out for a swim in the lake and go fishing.  We didn't even get a chance to take you out on a drive to view a couple hundred or so head of deer, or to take you up to the top of Judith peak.

I told Shirley that her name was mentioned again on the forum.  Shirley enjoys meeting framily members whenever they visit.  Expect Ned and Lorna to arrive within the week.

Sorry I forgot to mention Shirley!  Better known as the camp manager.  She is a riot!  She entertained us for hours with amusing tales of Lewistown!  Also Ron please pass on our thanks for her recovery of Sky when he ran off to visit the neighbors!  :D
Also Ron please pass on our thanks for her recovery of Sky when he ran off to visit the neighbors! 

Will do Smoky.  Shirley is a great lady.  Her and her family are celebrating her bay sisters OTH birthday today.  All seven kids are getting together with their 94 year old mother for this celebration.

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