Ogallala Show & Rally, Nebraska June 16,17, & 18th, 2006

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Jun 6, 2005
NATCOA Show & rally at Lake Ogallala State Park. This one will be different than other RV shows. First it feature Truck campers, 13 manufacturers so far & more to come. What else is different is that most of the CEO's of the comapnies involved will be camping there & socializing with the attendees. Some of them, like Ron Nash, sell other RV types as well. This is a great opportunity to see what the modern Truck camper looks like. Slides, leather recliners, built in LCD TV's, etc. They are no longer Grandpa's fishermans special. You may want to downsize. Nice thing about the TC, is you can go anywhere in them, you are not restricted to RV Parks. Campgrounds in the area are filling up, although we are trying to arrange for dry camping spots. The best campsite, still with space is Lone Eagle. There will be entertainment & a BBQ on Saturday eve. You can book it at this link:


Select SW, then Lake Ogallala then Lone Eagle. Little Thunder is full. Lone Eagle had about 35 sites remaining as of jan 10.

Here is the show link: http://www.truckcampershow.com

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