OK is this an RV or a Boat?

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Jul 21, 2006
Some may have seen this but I did a search on the forum and did see it pop up.

I saw this in a magazine and thought now here's the ticket.....

Terra RV
Once known as "boaterhomes" among other things, they've been around for many years. But the one on that web site is an upscale one that costs big $$.
If that thing ever gets in a following sea, of for that matter much of any sea at all, it is a fishing reef.
I liked the Hydra Spider, a sports SUV that can cross a lake as easily as a highway

Imagine being chased by the long arm of the law and you simply drive off the end of the pier and keep on trucking
The Terra RV  was on the Discovery Channel about a year or so ago..  When it got into the water at the headlights, they started to worry, but it survived.
Looks a bit top heavy to me and the $$ well.... :D

Definitely not on my want list.
However, seeing the expressions on peoples faces as you drove into the local lake? .....Priceless!
First time I saw something like this was over 20 years ago. We were waiting our turn to retrieve a small boat at a launch ramp on a lake. This thing that looked like a houseboat came through the crowd of waiting boats honking his horn and waving to everyone to get out of the way. When it reached the launch ramp it just kept on driving and, when folks realized what it was, everyone was clapping and cheering.
Back in the 60's my wife (at that time) and I bought a trailer that converted to a houseboat. It had the normal trailer hitch in front with wheels that cranked up and down by hand. There were heavy duty brackets on both sides that folded out so that 2x12" planks could be layed on them. Regular outboard motor on the rear.
To say the least, it was "rustic" but we had a lot of fun with it for the 3 years we owned it. I used to love watching peoples faces at the launching ramp when we backed it into the water.

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