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Apr 26, 2009
Schaumburg, Illinois
As my wife and I leave the Florida area in mid April, I thought about stopping in the Okefenokee Swamp area for a day or so and check things out. As I look at possible campgrounds I see several in the area, one closer than the others but it doesn't sound very nice. I know there is a state park and several private parks within about a 30 mile radius.
I've looked ar RV Review and still would like to get goods and bads from anyone who has done this. If you have opinions. please share them with me.

The Laura Walker Georgia State Park is VERY nice and right on the Swamp/Refuge access road and close to its attractions. Restaurants and shopping are only a few miles away in Waycross as well.  We  held an RVForum rally there last fall.
I agree with Gary. Laura Walker SP is the place + they have a good golf course there too.
Laura Walker State Park is on the East side of the refuge near the commercial/concession operation that has a small gauge railroad and boat tours as well as animal exhibits and interpretive programs. Stephen Foster State Park is on the western side of the refuge. There is a county park, Traders Hill, that has a campground near the main entance to the refuge, refuge headquarters and refuge visitor center about 8 miles South of Folkston. There are several commercial RV parks a little furter away in the Woodbine and Kingsland vicinities.

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