Older Diesel Class A with bunks

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Oct 25, 2018
Hey Everyone,

I am trying to find an older model Diesel Class A with bunks or a "bed over cab". I already understand that bunks were not very common years ago. I am just trying to determine what was the first appearance of models with bunks. Please only reply with make, model, year. Not really interested in debating anything.


For example, in 2004 the Winnebago 1234 had bunks, or, in 2003 Fleetwood ABCD had bunks.

Thanks everyone, I am having a hard time answering this from internet searches.
I think the 2010 Winnebago Journey 39N was the earliest Winnebago diesel model they have made recently with a bunk option. They also did offer a diesel option in the Adventurer/Suncruiser line in that same timeframe. The 35Z model was available with bunks. I've seen a 1 or 2 of those for sale. But that would be a front engine diesel, you didn't clarify pusher only, just diesel, but may not interest you.

Does 2010 meet your definition of "older" even?
I'm actually wanting to go back a little older than that. Maybe 2003, 2004, 2005 something like that. But thank you for posting that make and model that's the information I'm looking for just a little bit older. I'm looking for some of the really early models that first appeared with bunks.
It seems to me that if you need bunks then you would benefit from having slide outs also,, room is room.. So that would move you  above about the year 2000 when they were in common use..>>>Dan
Thank you for the response Dan please only reply if you know a year make and model. Early 2000s to mid-2000s is what I'm looking for.
Hahahahaha. Does anyone have any answers? Come on I know there's an expert out there.
I found several on the PPL web site.  Various makes and models, but none older than a 2010 model.

Awesome thank you. I guess 2010 is about the first year they started appearing.
There were Safari Trek diesels back then that had the loft bed (dropped down from the ceiling).


Think out of the box,, there have been" Bunk"  type busses since the 30s, but each bunk takes the space that would be used for some other convenience.  So how many bunks do you need??>>>D
I just need to sleep 5 adults doesn't matter how that happens. I was just thinking two people in the queen bed a set of bunk beds for two people and someone on the pull-out couch.
The Trek won't sleep 5, or even 3-4.

Your chances of finding a diesel coach prior to 2010 that sleeps 5 in bed+bunks are extremely slim.  There were a few experiments with family-oriented class A floor plans back then, but there simply weren't enough interested buyers at the time to sustain production.    You could look through old brochures to see if any mention a floor plan like that. Winnebago/Itasca, Newmar & Fleetwood/American Coach have good brochure archives on their websites. Thor has some but not complete. But even if you know the floor plan designation, the odds of finding one for sale are slim.

Coaches with sofa beds are common, though, and many such have two sofas.  Maybe not great comfort, but that would get you to space for 5 people,
How much "hand holding " do you need? You have 26 responses on the other post and 13 here.  I have found most of the valuable info comes from being "out there" in camperland and mix with other like minded folks.>>>D
Dan, so far no one replied with a model from early 2000's that has a bunk setup in a class A diesel. I basically learned that they did not exist.
We had a 2004 Beaver Monterrey with two sofas which would fold down for two adults each. And the Queen bed in back we could sleep six

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