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Mar 16, 2005
FWIW - I just attended a SIG here in Digital Photography. Two presentations dealt with on-line training. One is called eclectic academy? www.eclecticacademy.com that trains for a set number of weeks on a subject in this case it was Photoshop Elements that was demonstrated. The cost is $20 for six weeks. Its interactive with an instructor and other students (50 in the current class that was demo'd) and it looked like a good way to really get into the meat of the subject chosen. The participants said this class requires several hours every week of homework, etc.

The other was a Photoshop Elements 3 class (now 4) that runs 21 days of 5 minute lessons by the instructor who is s Scott Kelby, author of the #1 best-selling Elements book, The Photoshop Elements Book for Digital Photographers, and Executive Editor of the Photoshop Elements Techniques newsletter. You can apparently download videos and pdf files for later viewing and reference as well as well. The cost is $19.99. What impressed me was not only the major improvements that were possible in even real good photos but that some members of the SIG who are professional photographers deep into this stuff and yet they admitted they didn't know the way to reset program defaults to improve all photos that was covered in I believe it was either the first or second lesson. The participants said this class time ranged from about 15 minutes to an hour a day after watching the 5 minute session.? http://training.photoshopelementsuser.com/


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