On-the-road recipes - reheating pizza and croissants

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Mar 17, 2005
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Pizza is best reheated in a frying pan.  It is sometimes better than the original.  Do not put any oil in the frying pan.  Heat topping side down until the cheese starts to melt.  Then flip so the crust is down and heat till pizza is hot.  It comes out crunchy.  Granted, it takes longer than the microwave, and I think it takes less energy than the oven and burns less.  I got this idea from a pizza restaurant owner on a bulletin board. 

Since most frying pans are a bit small for large pizza slices, I used to use a large griddle when I had an apartment and full kitchen. 

One way to expedite the process would be to partially heat it in the microwave and then follow the first paragraph above.  The crust comes out so nice.  Once in a while a pizza will arrive soggy from home delivery, and this will restore its crispiness.

Another thing that heats up really great in a frying pan is croissants.  Melt a little butter (even margarine will work) in the frying pan.  Place croissants in a single layer.  Heat till one side is crusty.  Turn very gently and heat other side until crispy.  Croissants have so much butter in them, they crunch up in the frying pan.  Try this with croissants filled with chocolate.  The chocolate melts inside.  They taste better than fresh from the oven, and the butter flavor really stands out.  Have a little patience and do not heat them too fast.  And be careful of the hot, melted fillings.

Pat Alexander said:
Pizza is best reheated in a frying pan.  It is sometimes better than the original.


How hot do you get the pan and how long does this take?  Do you find it better than just using a toaster oven to reheat the pizza?  I may have to buy a pizza just to try this trick.  :)

I think the pan has to be reasonably hot, or you're waiting forever for the pizza to crisp.  This is not a fast process.  Don't use any oil on the pan, because the pizza toppings will provide that.  Starting cheese side down does not cause all the toppings to fall off into the pan, if you turn it before the pizza is completely hot.  Even if you don't, surprisingly the stuff sticks together pretty well.  It makes the crust so crunchy.  I would think a toaster oven is like a regular oven in that it tends to burn the toppings before the inside is sufficiently warmed.


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