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Jan 16, 2007
Delta Co
Onan Gen. 1980 BGE series A. Gen. will not stay running after releasing the start button. New circuit (control) board installed..Also it doesnt like any choking should I disconnect the auto choke ?. This quitting after releasing the start button has me stumped. Cummins wants  $103.00 per hr. @ a cost of between 600.00 and $1000 to fix. Anybody got any suggestions. I wanted to take it to the dump but now I have $700.00 in parts invested.
When I release the start switch to the run position I loose 12 V at the coil.
Don M
donandmax said:
Onan Gen. 1980 BGE series A. Gen. will not stay running after releasing the start button. New circuit (control) board installed..

Very often when a genset shuts down when you release the start button it is an indication of a bad voltage regulator. The circuit board expects to see either the start circuit override or voltage, in order to keep the genset running. If the voltage regulator is bad, it obviously does not see 120v and will shut down.

Richard, I don't see a voltage regulator but I do see a transformer regulator. Am I on the right track.
Just had a similar issue with my Onan and it turned out that I had a failing fuel pump.  Also had the fuel filter replaced as I am sure it had not been replaced after 150 hrs use.  This was a new to me purchased rig last year.
Just in case its been overlooked.

  There must be at least 1/4 t0 1/3 tankful of gas in the main gastank. Less than that will produce the same symptoms.

I think mike of Mike and Wendy is the expert on that :)  Last January they wound up with the only REAL 30 amp outlet in the dessert (Well one of two) which was a good thing because their Onan Generator would not run once you released the button either.  Codes were not much help.  Though I have to say I learned a lot watching the efforts of the experts to get it going.

Thankfully, there was a 30 amp outlet handy.  At least part time.  (There are two such outlets where we park,  If you know where they are,  Don't help me any but sure helped Mike and Wendy)

I see that you have been having problems with this genset for quite some time and have asked for help on another forum. There are many other symptoms you've posted there which you have not shared with our people. If we are to help you, please be forthright with all the problems you've experienced and the suggestions others have made. Try to describe your symptoms in detail, and be as concise as possible.

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