Open Heart Surgery in my Near Future

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Mar 4, 2005
Hondo, TX
Howdy, Framily.
Push has finally come to SHOVE. With the onset of more symptoms, yesterday my heart doc informed us that the time for surgery was here. I am looking at repair to the mitral valve of my heart. Although my stress test was normal, an angiogram is desired to make 100 % sure that my arteries are healthy and that there are no blockages in them. If that test is OK, then another type of echocardiogram will be done. This procedure involves swallowing a probe so that a view of the back side of the heart is available.  Yuk.

Now this did not come as a surprise but I am still trying to cope with it. With sucess of the valve repair, I should be able to breath a lot easier and be able to walk at a faster pace than I currently can.

Please send hugs, I can sure use them.  :)  :)



Best wishes for a speedy recovery when it's all over with. Valve repair is done quite frequently these days, and the skill and technology available today leads to a high success rate. I'm sure you will add to the positive side of the ledger. :D

Sorry to hear about your growing heart issues. Hope the doctors come up with a fast and safe solution for you. Loads of hugs.
Sorry to hear that Liz. Hope that all will go well and that you'll have a speedy recovery. Sounds like life will be much better for you after the surgery.
Best wishes on a speedy recovery!

A big teddy bear is a comfort to hug when coffing postoperatively.
Sorry to hear of your heart problems, Liz.  Hope all goes well and that you are "all well" soon.
Best wishes for an uneventful surgery and recovery.  The open road isn't that far away for both of you.
[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ Liz ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]  

                                                                      [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ and Jack too! ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]                                                                                    
Hi Liz,

Sorry to hear that it has come to this point but at least it will (hopefully) solve the problem once and for all.

Lots of HUGGGGGGS and prayers too!!

Jerry & Arlyne Ray
Liz -

We have you in our thoughts and prayers.  HUGS to both of you.

--  Ray & Ladonna  --
Jackliz said:
With the onset of more symptoms, yesterday my heart doc informed us that the time for surgery was here. . . . Please send hugs, I can sure use them.? :)? ?:)

from both of us -- and best wishes for an uneventful surgery and recuperation.
Sorry to hear that Liz, but you'll feel so much better once it's all over.  Big hugs from us.


Jack, I wish you the best on your surgery and lots of comfort and life quality afterwards!? Hope we meet on the road soon!
Howdy, Framily.

A big THANK YOU for all of the good wishes and HUGS y'all are sending my way.  I am pretty scared about this upcoming surgery and so I really appreciate those hugs.  :D :D

I am still waiting for the preliminary tests to be arranged. BUT first, a visit to my dentist is necessary and that will be done this Monday.

I'll keep y'all updated.

Thanks again Framily,
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