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Jun 21, 2013
New Hampshire
Narrowing down our choices on the fifth wheel we want to buy with the goal of full timing.  I really like the Open Range Roamer models but was hoping I could get some feedback from folks who own one and live in them or use them for chunks of time. 
I was at an RV show today and was also interested in this brand.  They seem beautiful!  They have some great floor plans and beautiful interiors.  I too am curious as to how people like them.
Cheers, Denise
I purchased my first RV last year, a 2012 Open Range Light and I love it.  The floor plan is great, the only thing I'd change is a few more inches between the foot of the bed and the bathroom wall, and perhaps a an inch or two on the side of the bed. 
The only issue I've had is this summer when I moved (Military) and I tried to get warranty work done and the only RV Open Range Dealer in over 60 miles (and that's hard miles, I live in WA so those 60 miles are via ferry which is not cheap with a RV) gave me a hard time about working on my RV because I didn't buy it there.  When I called the manufacturer they were nice but said "we can't make the dealers fix RV's they don't sell, but if you can find another place to work on it we'll work with them on warranty".  Well I couldn't find anyone willing to work on it.
Terribly disappointing as I love my RV the moment I walked in.

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