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Sep 29, 2006
Edinburg Va
Hello, I'm new to Rving, but I have purchased a '94 Pace Arrow.. i haven't got it home yet but I've been reading page after page of very informative stuff here for about a week! Thanks to all with knowledge ! My guestion is, does the MH have to be level to operate the fridge??
Thanks Randy
Yes, the refrigerator needs to be level or close to it.  The reason is an absorption refrigerator relies on heat and convection to circulate the refrigerant.  The burner boils the ammonia mixture, and the vapor rises to the top of the cooling coils.  It then condenses back to liquid form and runs down a series of tubes to the bottom of the refrigerator, where the liquid is fed back into the boiler.

If the refrigerator is not level the boiler is no longer the lowest point in the circuit and it can run dry.  If the boiler dries out it will cook the coolant, forming solid clumps that can clog and ruin the cooling system.

The refrigerator will withstand being slightly off level.  But operating it significantly off level is inviting trouble.

It is OK to run the refrigerator while the motorhome is on the road - even though the refrigerator may not be level the motion keeps the coolant from pooling elsewhere so the boiler stays fed.  But you should turn off the fridge if you stop for lunch with the motorhome significantly off level.
On our unit,  We open the bath room door  If it stays put  that's close enough to level for me.  Later I'll go ahead and level it, but for short stints    being unlevel won't hurt anything.
Thanks Lou and Shayne, I appreciate your response!! I read where the A/C could cause trouble if unlevel because of water flow but I wasn't sure about the fridge!!
As I stated I just bought my MH so I know that I'll have more questions. But after reading on here for a week or so already I feel confident that I can get answers to just about anything I run into!!!
It's like a John Deere Garden Tractor forum I use, the guys on there know more about the machines now than the designers!!!

Thanks Again Randy
I have a 93 Pace Arrow so maybe I can help with some of your questions in the future too.

Hi Woody, having someone to ask questions that is dealing with the same unit will come in very handy! I'll be in touch we've got a few things to work out yet but should have it home before to long!!

Thanks Randy
Generally, but not always, if the AC is leaking it's due to blockage in the drain vents.

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