Opinion on 92 Winnebago Adventurer diesel pusher

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Aug 3, 2005
This unit has a 190 Cummings Diesel.  The MH is 32' with 50k.  Does this power seem adequate and reliable?  Also has LP Generac generator. We would like any feed back on this coach.  We are purchasing a MH for the first time for an long cross country trip.  I am very handy and mechanical.  thanks for your imput!!
The 190 HP Cummins has always been considered quite anemic, but it may be adequate forthe lighter weight of a 32 footer.  The engine itself is strong and reliable, but the output is artificially limited so that the engine does not destroy the transmission by aplying too much torque and horsepower.  I'm guessing this rig has a 4 speed transmission and the lack of forward gears will be a drawback on hills, both up and down.

A year or two later the transmission was improved to allow the Cummins to be upped to 230 HP and that made for a  more acceptable level of performance. Finally it was brought up to 250 HP and people began to feel it was adequate.
In addition to the engine performance, the LP generator consumes propane at an alarming rate.  So you had better have a very large propane tank if you intend to do much dry camping.
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