Opinions on this 2019 Coachmen FREELANDER 31BH

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Aug 8, 2006
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My nephew is shopping for a Class C after renting and enjoying the experience. They have four little kids so obviously that's a factor in the choice.  I know nothing about Coachmen - never owned one or even did any research into the manufacturer.

I would really appreciate opinions about Coachmen in general - quality of owner relations and general manufacturing quality. Also I would appreciate opinions about this particular unit.  Good? Not so good? Engine issues? Chassis comments? Handling as it comes from the factory?

And I don't have a clue if this is a good price or not (that's probably easy to research though.)
I can't offer much except, I'm a bigger guy, and that toilet has zero sitting and business room.  Looks like vanity is 6 inches away.  Just throw out that all parties, he and moma, sit and pretend, for that matter, stand in the shower too.  One reason I went with my Puma TT was the ceiling height was taller than most other TT.  Those little things can annoy a taller guy as well.    Looks like a nice RV though  :))
We have owned a Coachmen trailer and now own a Coachmen Leprechaun class C. We haven't had too many issues with either. The problems were "appliances", not Coachmen build issues. I have been extremely satisfied with customer service from Coachmen. They are pretty much built to a price point, so don't expect anything fancy. Think vinyl over particle board cabinet stiles, lower grade furniture, etc. The Freelander is the lowest "grade" of Coachmen class C, followed by Leprechaun, then Concord at the top. The chassis is typical Ford cutaway van, and will most likely need alignment done on the front end. Harvard, a member here, has posted quite a bit on the caster needed for good handling on the E-450's. Due to the weight, he will have to help the cruise control along when approaching hills. The transmission is slow to downshift when on cruise, and will immediately scream up to 4500 rpms when it does downshift. Lean on the gas a bit at the bottom, and get the torque converter to unlock, then the tranny will downshift one year at and not two gears at a time. Would I buy another Coachmen? That depends on how I will be using it. For weekend camping and trips up to a couple of weeks, yes. For fulltiming, no. We have spent a few months straight in it, and it was getting pretty old.

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