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Aug 24, 2006

I am new to these message boards and new to RV'ing, however, not new to camping.? We are a family of 4 which includes myself, wife, 15.5 y/o daughter and 12 y/o son.? Oh, and I can not forget our 9 month old Bischon/Cocker mix dog!? We are planning a 3 week vacation next summer out west as well as a few smaller jaunts yet this year and before the big one next summer.? We have found a 1995 Winnebago Adventurer 32' on a Chevy chassis.? It has dual roof A/C, automatic leveling Jacks, backup camera, 43000 miles, one piece fiberglass roof, ducted HVAC, queen Rear bed, Sofa, Dinette and swivel chair.? The dealer is asking $22,000.? It is very clean and looks well maintained.? I have driven it and it seems to drive well.? I have to check on the age of the tires yet and the side steps seem a little soft and probably needs to be replaced.? There is also a tapping noise coming from the engine area that is present while idling and accelerating but not coasting.? It does get faster the higher the RPM's but does not sound like a Ping as if it were the lifters.? The parking brake light is constantly lite and the pedal has no resistance when pushing down on it.? The release lever does spring the pedal back up but I do not believe that it releases the brake.

My question is does this sound like a good deal on the M/H at $22000 as long as we get the brake,engine noise and step taken care of?? I will probably look at negotiating with them if need be based on the age of the tires.?

They bought this from an couple who were getting out of the RV'ing life so it was not a trade-in.? They have only had it for a little over a month on the lot.

Last question, when a RV is bought by a dealer do they usually buy it at low wholesale base price?

Thanks for everyones help!


Terry A. Brewer

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Mar 4, 2005

>>Last question, when a RV is bought by a dealer do they usually buy it at low wholesale base price?<<

Unless you are buying a new RV at full price the dealer will give no more than low wholesale...usually they will only pay 10-50% less than wholesale.? Thats why I recommend never paying more than Dealer Nada wholesale when purchasing from a private party as they are going to get much less than that if they trade it in or sell directly to a dealer.

People that are trying to sell their own vehicles at Nada low/high retail are DREAMERS & most will not sell for years if at all.


Jan 13, 2005
Check out the NADA Guides. Values vary by zip code, but I got $18,950 low retail and $22,840 average retail, including $1,500-$1,800 "low miles" allowance.

I'm with Terry - you should lowball this one.
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