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Jan 13, 2005
We're currently in Portland OR and looking for a good trout stream as our next stop. Anyone know of trout streams in northern Oregon or southern Washington. A place where we could dry camp streamside would be wonderful, but we'd be happy with a nearby campground. I've looked at online resources, campground directories and maps, but I'm having a tough time coming up with anything other than stops along the Columbia river (not a trout stream per se) or lakes. Local knowledge or info from someone who's been there might save a lot of time.

Tom, try the Sandy or Clackamas River just outside of Portland.  In Southern Washington, the Toutle River can get hot.  Now if you want to try about 3 hours east of Portland, the Deschutes, Metolius, Crooked River are always hot.  I landed two and lost about 4 more
Saturday just a mile from Bend.

Also go to westfly.com click on the state you want and then click the Reports.  It will give you a small list of rivers and what is happing there.  The Willamette is also good for bass if you like them.  Sturgeon too, big and powerful, not leagl to keep right now but you can still catch them.
Thanks for that info Mike. I'm thinking of trying the Deshutes. Also thanks for the westfly URL - a good resource.

I stumbled on Fishermen's Marine & Outdoor in Portland and I was like a kid in a candy store. Bought a few books on OR & WA trout locations. Also talked with a guy there from Vancouver. Yesterday we moved to a campground in Woodland, WA and took a drive up the north fork of the Lewis river on Hwy 503 and Pine Creek (100+ miles round trip from the campground). What great scenery up there. Looked at a couple of small private CGs, a National Forest CG and a power company CG on the way, but they were either full or couldn't accomodate our rigs.
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