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Jan 13, 2005
One of my objectives for our recent trip to Oregon and Washington was to get in some fly fishing for trout. Due to other factors, we'd left in a hurry and I forgot to load my "Trout fishing in xxx" books into the motorhome. I scoured a few book stores and tackle shops in Oregon before finding what I needed.

One of the most useful books I bought was Oregon River Maps & Fishing Guide from Frank Amato Publications. It measures 15" x 11", about the size of your typical road atlas. It contains, among other things:

  • Detailed river maps with clearly identified access points and drift boat launch/landing areas.
  • Stream conditions.
  • Limited number of photos.
  • Fish species, best gear, fishing techniques, seasonal variations and average hookups per year, separated for bait and fly fishing.
  • Hatch information and fly patterns for the fly fisher.
  • Local services such as motels, RV parks and tackle shops.

Well worth the money and very useful.
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