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Sep 1, 2006
Florida, USA
  Running XP SP3.

  A few times this happened in the last few days.  One of my Email senders (Amex) sends my updates on account status regularly.

  The last few notices did not appear in my inbox but went to the delete file upon receipt. Been working good for years...not in the blocked senders list.  What gives ?

  I get E-mail notification sound when it arrives.

This is not an emergency.

Thanks again, Ned..  I think you nailed it.  I installed the No-Script add-on the other day and had not yet disabled it for this URL.  Live and learn.  I'll know when the next e-mail comes in. I had no idea that this would affect E-mail....good to know.
Have a good day to you and Lorna.

No.  Then you weren't using OE?  That's what was confusing.
Ned, all I ever use is OE and Firefox...now I am confused.  I guess we'll see in the future.
Ok, Outlook Express is an email program, Firefox is a browser.  NoScript works in Firefox and would have no effect on Outlook express.  Check your spam filter in OE or perhaps an overly aggressive anti-virus program, but your problem is not due to NoScript.
I would first turn off email scanning in your AV program.

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