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Mar 24, 2005
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Does anyone happen to know the laws and/or customs about posting overhead clearance signs?  What's the minimum clearance you can expect on an overpass if it isn't posted?  What about for gas station overhangs?  I also worry about lightposts, etc that hang out over streets and pruned tree branches.

I am going to assume some variation from state to state, However Michigan posts everything under sixteen feet (or at least they are supposed to)  Still.. .I have had a car hit a bridge overpass (NOT the support, the actuall overpass) while I was on duty as a dispatcher,  The guy knocked the name of the cross road off the bridge.  Do not ask how he did it because I truly do not know

I should mention this applies only to things on the freeway.  NOT to side roads or private property
I don't know of any standards other than the Interstate highways, which require a minimum of 13'6", I believe.  We use the trucker's atlas and it not only shows all the roads on the national truck network, but lists any low clearances by state in table form.  If nothing is listed, you can assume 13'6", generally.

As for gas stations, they may be as low as 12', so if it isn't posted (some are) and not obviously high enough, I would skip that one.  Lightposts have never been a problem, but tree branches can be, especially on side streets.  On major streets, you can usually tell if the trucks have been traveling on them as the trees will look squared off.
This URL was posted on another list and I find it to be very informative.  I think it is pretty accurate basedon who is involved.


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