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Jan 1, 2013
I would like to personalize my new Itasca a little; e.g. I'd like to hang a rack in the closet for shoes or hang some personal pictures in the coach. But I'm afraid to drill or use too long of screws not understanding what is behind the walls.  Can anyone help me understand the width between the inside and outside?  I imagine there is foam insulation but is there also wiring?
Since coaches vary there probably isn't a 'rule of thumb' like in a house, but if you have suggestions, they would be appreciated.
To hang pictures I use a short screw, about a half inch long to hold up the frame, then use a piece of Velcro tape on each lower corner to stabilize the frame and keep it from swaying while on the road.

The walls are usually foam sandwiched between the fiberglass outer wall and the Luan wood panel inner wall.  There are aluminum studs about every 18 to 24 inches. Most of the electrical will run inside the studs, if there is any there at all.
Thanks, especially for the tip about the wiring and the Velcro.
See you have a 34' Winnie, too, and we just purchased a '10 Wrangler as a toad. Any issues?
If you don't want to put a screw in the wall, there is 3M brand strips, "Command" that can be used and the good news is they just pull off when you don't need them anymore.  I have used them for years and love them.
Jim, thanks, now I remember them being advertised and will look for them.
The heavier stuff might be more of a problem....
I hang heavy parka's on the large hooks with no problems.  Check the weight of the item and use the appropriate strips.  I have used them for all kinds of stuff.  Right now, they hold umbrellas and numerous other stuff in the MH and nothing has fallen over the 10 years they have been there.
Maddie said:
Thanks, especially for the tip about the wiring and the Velcro.
See you have a 34' Winnie, too, and we just purchased a '10 Wrangler as a toad. Any issues?

No, it tows great. You do know it's back there (weight wise) when you are pulling a grade, but other than that it's no problem.  I have the Unlimited (4 door) so the weight comes in at a bit under 5,000 pounds.  But we pull it everywhere we go and wouldn't be without it.  Get a good tow bar, if you don't have one already.  I use a Ready Brake with an integrated braking system. Works very well.  Have you set up the Jeep to be towed yet?
Hi Sarge,
We  found a Wrangler, 2-door, hard top that had already been towed behind a 40'. So it has the tow bars already fitted and we can get those too at a very discounted amount, including the shield that mounts on the hitch.
The owner never used a brake system but I would want one. So I'm going to get the Readybrake installed.
+1 on the command adhesive hooks/hangers.  They hold very well and can take a surprising amount of weight. 
We have found the easiest way to hang picture frames is to apply double backed tape ( the thick kind bought in white rolls at Wal-Mart) to a few areas on the back of the frame. You can use appropriate lengths based on the weight of the frame and it comes off easily. We currently have a 28" x 36" heavy frame (plus several smaller ones) mounted that way that a never move.
We have had really good luck with the Command strips . Note there are different weight capabilities with the ones for pictures being rated for higher weights.

Winnebago does have wiring in the outside walls. They route channels in the foam before the lamination process adds the inside luan/wall covering and insert wiring harnesses in them.
I have used the Command hooks for pictures in the past, but in my experience they would come loose.  In my case though it was due to the excessive heat in some locations in the country that worked against the adhesive.  They may work for you though. 

Clay may be correct about the channels for electric wires, depending on the unit.  It would be wise to go to the Winnebago site and locate the wiring diagrams for your unit and check it out.  There are links to the Winnebago site at the top of the Winnebago forum that will make it easier for you.   
Like Jeff, we mostly use double sided tape. The foam "mirror tape" holds most things, and the 3M industrial grade stuff works well on heavier stuff. Both can be cleaned off without great effort if you decide to move the item.

For things that we want to take down occasionally, we use sticky-back velcro.

Otherwise, we use short but fairly fat sheet metal screws, something like 1/2" or 3/4" #8 or #10. The wall covering isn't thick and the inner core will almost always be a foam insulation - or maybe nothing on the rare interior wall.  Sometimes an anchor, such as is used on drywall, helps if the item is heavy or subject to pulls or vibration.
As always, you guys are great.  I will try the 3M first; have used the double sided tape outside with the weather sensor and it has done well. Used a screw inside for the weather display but hate to put screws in the coach and the anchors that come with the screws look like they'd make a huge hole.
The racks in the closet may be a bit more of a challenge. Might have to talk to the dealer about that.
I added racks to my closet to hold shoes above the clothes bar.  I just used the screws provided with the hardware, 1" I believe they were.  That made a huge difference in shoe storage.  Come to think of it, I may have lower the clothes bar a few inches to facilitate the new rack.  Either way it was not too difficult to do. 

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