Pace Arrow slide gasket problem

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Jun 27, 2006
North Carolina

I just purchased a 1997 Pace Arrow 36S MH with a slide out.? I extended the unit in the driveway over the weekend to give it a good once over cleaning and it started raining in North Carolina like cats and dogs.? I noticed some water on the floor toward the back of the slide so I started investigating.? Some things on the woodwork should have tipped me off prior to buying but that is beside the point now.? I noticed from the outside of the unit on the top that the gasket was loose and not seated at all on the top rear corner.? It has a topper cover canvas but that didn't seem to prevent the leaking since it was such a hard rain.? Once it quit raining I was able to retract the slide some and could then see that the gasket has come loose over a stretch of probably 8 ft or so up the back side and across the top.? I hope this is all the problem is.? Can I just glue this back up (it attaches to the inside of the coach wall and the slide flange tightens up to it as it is fully extended)?? Any suggestions on this problem, should I get a new one (where), what type of adhesive will hold the rubber to the metal surface.? This seems relatively straightforward to me but I have read a million of these situations that people seem to struggle with a long time and still have leaks.? What am I in for here?? Any adice is appreciated.  Thanks!
I have a 98 Pace and after reading your post, went up to the storage lot and checked mine out.? ?It appears that the 1st thing you must do in replacing? or repairing the gasket is to find someway to lock the awning in place and thenremove the brackets from the slide.? Reattach or replace the gasket and then replace the brackets.? Doesn't look to be that great a job.? However it this has been a persistant problem for some time, there could be possible wall or floor trouble down the line from the moisture.? Hope not but beware. My self and a friend replaced replaced the awning on both of ur units and it should be easy to just tie them off so they don't unwind.? Good luck and Call Fleetwood and the PAce Arrow Div in Indiana and make sure they record the fact that you are now the owner of said vehicle.? Those gals there will know everything on your unit from the factory.? ?You'll have to buy the part from a dealer but they have been a life saver to many of us.? You will need the Fleetwood number of the unit? might start with 777XXXXXXXXX or something of that nature.? ?Love our Pace again good luck.? 1-800-322-8216 should do the trick
Thanks for the info Shayne.  I think though I am talking about a different seal than you are referring to since dealing with the awning doesn't seem to be necessary to me for this repair but maybe I am missing something.  The gasket or seal that I am having trouble with is actually fixed to the inside of the coach wall itself.  This gasket does nothing while the slide is retracted in, but I think is the primary seal against leaks when it is extended fully.  It is a black rubber gasket about and inch and a half wide and 3/4 inch thick.  Very much like a car door gasket or weatherstripping.  It runs from the floor up, then across the top and down the other side to the floor again.  It looks like it is glued to the coach wall and not attached by clips or anything else.  The slide flange contacts this weatherstripping when it is fully extended out to form the seal I guess.  There is also a 1 inch or so wide flap that is on the outside that I guess also is supposed to help and that seems OK to me as it isn't loose anyway.  The top rear corner of the weatherstripping has come loose up the side and partially across the top.  My question is how best to fix this.  Can I use an adhesive and does anyone have any suggestions?  Has anyone else ever had this problem and is there a better fix.  To me this doesn't seem like the best design but it is what it is I guess.  Thanks much!!
Ok  I made a wrong assumption as to the gasket, thinking it was the O/S seal.  I would think just a good weatherstrip cement should do the trick.  Sorry for assuming.  I should know better.  I think other than the mileage factor you should enjoy the openness of the PAce. We are quite satisfied with the floorplan and the storage.  For yur slide, make sure you have a good slide lubricant for the underside.  I've had a bit of trouble with the slide opening up as have others.  Some place a bar or rod to lock it while I use cinch ratchet straps hooked to the frame and have never had a problem. Just a minor inconvience. I've replaced the cylinder and keep the fluid topped off, but neither seemed to help.  I'm content with it and that's all that counts.  Gary Selzei, the 330mph drag racer had the same thing happen to him on his Prevost,  it crept out as he was going down the road.  he didn't know it at the time, but it was only a lack of fluid.  Once he filled it everything was OK. o you have the Ford or Chev chassis? Keep a close look on the tires as to the date on them.  If they haven't been replaced, that's time to do so.  Usually 6 to 7 years is the Max.  Good Luck
You should be able to get a replacement gasket through any Fleetwood dealer but surely through a Pace Arrow dealer. When we had a Fleetwood motorhome, I got my parts through Sullivan RV in Decatur, IN. They were much more helpful than the local dealers and reasonably priced as well. They are located only a few miles from the Fleetwood Parts Distribution warehouse and will pick up anything you need and ship it out promptly.  Sullivan RV

But you may not need a new seal - just re-attach the old one.  I would suggest ceither ontact cement or a 3M brand automotive trim or weather strip cement.
Thanks guys I appreciate the advice.  I have ordered a new gasket from a local fleetwood dealer in Raleigh NC.  They're going to ship it right to my door.  Apparently it has an adhesive backing so I can just peel and place.  This is desireable since the area I have to work in is very tight since it is between the slide flange and the outside wall that has to be accessed from the interior of the coach.  I was going to glue the old one, but it is sort of ratty.  I think I can remove most of the old adhesive with emory paper or a scraper or something and get a clean surface. I should be all set.  I hope it seals!!!  They sell the stuff by the foot (they call it a bulb seal, $2.02 per foot) so I bought a bunch but will likely only replace the part that has fallen off plus a little more for good measure. 

Shayne-  I have the ford with a 460 chasis.  Thanks for the advice on cinching the slide while traveling.  As for slide lubricant, can you elaborate where I need to put this (and what).  I assume on the track on the underside (steel framework rail down by the cylinder area underneath by the chasis frame).  I assume you don't mean on the underside of the aluminum which retracts over my carpet.  It seems like that would just get the carpet greasy. 
Look under the slide and where at two big bars, youo will find 2 nylon type wedges,  they slide in a track underneath.  That track needs to be lubed.  It's quite easy and the spray is aobut 12 to 14 bucks at the RV stores. Its last for a long long time.  Just follow the instructions on the can and give it a good shot and you'll be fine. Don't use W40  or something of that nature.  It collects dirt.  Glad you got the Ford.  My Buddy and ex next Door Nieghbor has a twin to ours but doesn't have the Banks Pak  makes a lot of difference in power and ease on the engine and tranny.  But as an add-on now  you are talking about 4K to 6K.  But you'll be fine with what you have just accelerate prior to going up hills if you can.  Big thing is to enjoy and have fun.  good Luck

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