Pacific Coast Highlights

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Jun 27, 2010
Upstate New York
A favorite route of our 7 week cross country trek this summer was the Northern Cali & Oregon coast. The Redwoods are spectacular of course as was the Fern Canyon about an hour North of Eureka,CA. A bit hard to find and only passable in a toad or pick up-look for the elk herd along the way. Well worth the effort, wear water shoes or boots. Another great experience was touring the dunes in OR either on a "bus"style dune buggy or opt for an exhilarating sandrail ride with a professional driver. Dress warm and wear goggles!  Don't miss the jet boat rides up the Rogue River, if your budget allows go for the full day trip. 

Congrats on a great trip!
We are planning on a 6 week trip from australia.

Great to hear some of your fav places are also on our trip to do list, like the redwoods and jetboating the rogue!
Thanks for sharing.
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