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Mar 9, 2005
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Last night Tim and I met Barb and Frank at "Tommy's" aka Paradise Cove, a restaurant that is known around here for fish and chips.  The restaurant is located at the turn off to the Parker Dam between Parker and Lake Havasu.  The fish was excellent and the friends even more so.  We invited Sheila and Scott, friends of ours from Manitoba, Canada to come along with us.  Good food....good friends, can't ask for more.

Barb has the official photo on her handy-dandy "phone".

If you are in the area on a Friday, be sure and stop in for the fish, It's delicious!

The friends, food and service was GREAT!
Here's the official pic of the mini-rally taken by Barb, who as we know, is camera shy.



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We are going to be in the Parker area in March, do they only have the good F & Cs on Friday?  Regards, Dick
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