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Jul 18, 2006
Paw Paw WV
I have popped in and out of the forum and learned a great deal of info in a short amount of time and I thank the forum for that opportunity.

On Monday our new Farimont Trailer was delivered and set on our camp site that we lease annually.  While we are not the RVers that most of you are we do share many similarities in what we do.  The wife and I are weekenders for now and then we plan to reitre, sell it all and live as trailer trash until we can't any longer.

Is there room on this forum for a Park Model category.  I see more Park models than before at the RV dealers and feel that there may be an increased enthusiasm.  The techincal discussions of set-up, what to look for and latest industry advances would be interesting to talk about.  I have searched the site for Park Model specific info and found nothing only to move on.  Maybe I am not alone.

So, would it be prudent to rope off a section here for Park Model discussions?  Think about it, kick it around at the campfire and see if you guys want us hanging around?
It's an interesting idea and one to be considered by Tom.? Until we determine if there's traffic to support a separate section for park models, I would suggest your posting some topics in Trailers and Fifth Wheels? to see what kind of action you get.

I for one would be interested in reading topics on the subject

Like Steve, I'd be interested in reading such topics. As Steve suggested, it wouldn't make sense to create a separate message board though until we see some discussions happening.
Big Dad  We've got 2 Park Models here at Pueblo El Mirage and thinking  of buying one for back in ILL so the wife has somewhre to stay when she goes back there, and we still have our MH.  More items then we need for sure.  So Fire away, I'm ready to discuss them. Sure others are too
We have friends who bought a used one and I've helped set it up and do extensive remodeling. Would be glad to try to answer any questions.

But there really is surprisingly little similarity between a park model and an RV or the life style in using it. A park model is a fixed home with residential (mobile home) style appliances.  They rarely have 12V power systems, batteries or water pumps. They quickly grow screened or glassed in porches and storage sheds and nearly always have wheels, axles and hitches removed. Construction is more like a mobile home than an RV.  In terms of lifestyle, you drive to it rather than driving it to where you want to be. You leave your outdoor recreational gear in place year around, or at least seasonally.  It does not have motor vehicle insurance or a vehicle license in most states. It has more in common with owning a summer home or a cottage at a lake or beach than owning an RV.
One of the areas of confusion is in semantics.  Park Models vs. Park Trailers.  The PT's are often seen on RV dealers lots, these are towable, keep the hitch and wheels.  Will have (often, not always), 12v systems.  They will have tail lights and running lights, will be max of 102" wide.  Then Park Models, these as was explained are really more a mobile home or modular home.  In FL limited to 500 sq ft.  (not sure if that is state or national), no holding tanks, they get plumbed.  My wife and I live in one.  Ours is 14 x 38.  Has the attached shed and screen room. 

So, question really is, which side f the fence are you on?  If you will leave it permanently, you are better off with the PM.  If chances are you will relocate, go for PT. 

Thanks for clarifying park model vs. park trailer. We're interested in living in one part of the year, but RVing most of the year.

Do RV manufacturers make park models or are they usually different?
A great many of PM owners also own MH (A & C), 5vers,TT, and even tent Campers.? Some travel the entire Summer, Some just a few weeks, some periodicly, and others several times a year as one of our neighbors.? No set policy for anyone.? It's all in what you desire and need to do for your sanity.? I don't really plan anything and do as we feel we should.? Good luck on your decision.
According to the ANSI standards and National Bulding Codes (which are not necessarily identical to the individual state & regional codes), a park model RV is limited to under 400 sq ft. of interior floor space.  Larger ones must conform to mobile home building codes, which are substantially different.  Florida allows a max of 500 sq feet and Arizona has a classification called "Park Model Alternative" which can be larger (I don't know how much, but it's up in the 1300+ sq ft range). 

So the bottom line is that a park model is up to 399.9 sq ft everywhere except FL & AZ.

A Park Trailer will meet federal highway vehicle size restrictions (height and width) so as to be towable without a special permit. Park Models typically need "wide load" or other permits to haul on the highways.
It appears that here in AZ at PEM all the new PMs are of the 400 category.  Don't know the spec per say but none are larger here.  Of course many such as ours have much add ons.
Our PM is in Mesa and from what I understand it can only be 400 sf. an AZ room cannot be attached,needs separate wall
One of my friends do the road here has a 2006 for sale with the ground for 79K.  Well worth it in this park.  The amenities are fabulous.  His is one of the best looking ones here.  Many of the PMs are going fo over 50K including mine, without the ground, however rent is paid up thru Oct  2007. Of course there is also one at 27K but needs a tremedous amount of work and the rent isn't paid up.  All in what you want  cause oursa 2000 model,  has hardly been lived in.  Maybe a total of perhaps 8 to 9 months.
Ours is a 2006 Laurel Creek , set up, lived in 4months total ,park OK , sell  31000
Ours is a 2006 Laurel Creek , set up, lived in 4months total ,park OK , sell ? 31000 ,rent paid till 07/07
They certainly bring a bunch more here, probably due to location and amenities, plus the new double wides here are out of sight.

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