Payload Capacity for Winnebago Adventurer/Iasca Suncruiser Model 37B

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Nov 25, 2005
I have been unable to find this information in company brochures or on their website.  I like these RVs, but I am starting to wonder if Winnebago is trying to low-key a low CCC.  Does anybody have these figures.

I would call Winnnebago customer service. They have been very helpful to me several times.

As a side note, when we were shopping we looked at the Adventurer but the CCC was only about 1200 pounds as I recall. The external storage was also much less than the Sightseer we bought.
The Sightseer 35N has the same floor plan as the Adventurer we looked at but has a CCC of 2600 pounds.
The external storage in the Sightseer is 128 cubic feet while the Adventurer had about 86 cubic feet as I recall.

For fulltimers (as my wife and I are) this can be important.

Please note this not just a Winnebago issue. I have a friend that bought a Monaco La Palma with about 800 pounds CCC and I have seen CCCs as low as 600 pounds in other brands.

There's no conspiracy, bbonnell. The CCC varies with the floorplan and optional equipment, so it is rarely practical to quote it in a marketing brochure. They would have to give a starting figure and a formula so you could calculate it.

Just go to a Winnie dealer and look at some Adventurers. Each one will have  a placard inside (usually in a cabinet) that gives the weight figures for that particular coach.  But don't assume that other flor plans or lengths will be the same - they sometimes vary quite a bit for easons that are not all that obvios to the casual observer.

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