Pearce's O.K. in Florida

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Ron from Big D

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Jan 30, 2005
Dallas, Texas
Talked with Liz Pearce twice today.  Once after the front wall of Wilma passed over them and after the rear wall passed.  Only damage they know of is a broken mirror bracket from a tree fall.

They are without their DSL so they asked that I let you know they are O.K.

Thanks for posting that Ron. Glad to hear they're OK.
Whetstones are OK too, we are north of where the nasty stuff was, got some wind, lots of rain, no damage.  Went to work.Was busy! 
My daughter Sheri is also fine - she lives in Ft Lauderdale. Had a window in her apartment blown in and her bedroom got pretty wet, but otherwise OK.  There is a lot of damage in her neighborhood and some other apartments in her multi-building complex had their roofs torn off or large numbers of windows blown in.  Quite a lot of damage in the neighborhood.  No power, water, or landline phone either, but we have talked to her several times via cell phone.
Glad to hear Sheri is OK Gary, but sorry to hear that her place got wet. I'd forgotten she lived in Ft. Lauderdale.
Charlotte Harbor dodged the bullet this time.

My parents are trying to decide what to do with all the ice, water, and food they stockpiled. :D
RV Roamer said:
My daughter Sheri is also fine - she lives in Ft Lauderdale. Had a window in her apartment blown in and her bedroom got pretty wet, but otherwise OK.? ?

Glad to hear your daughter Sheri is OK and didn't experience serious damage.
Sheri's biggest problem now is that the sewers are backing up - the "stuff" isn't getting pumped into the treatment plants because the pumping stations have no power.  She says its getting noticeably stinky in manay places around town and there are reports of sewage backing up into some of the numerous water holding ponds.  And the latest estimate for restoraton of power in her block is Nov 7! I suspect she will move up to our place tomorrow.
Whetstone folks are fine too.  dad had the MH ready to flee if necessary. 

Rally Park at lazy Days was full up with folks from southern FL.  Monday it was sunny just after noon time.

Mom & Dad aren't at the house yet - won't be until after the Southeast Fall Rally next week, but at least she would have electric power and drinkable water.  And could stay out after 7 pm if she wanted to.  Her whole county (Broward) has a 7 pm curfew in effect to deter looters, so everybody has to be off the streets by then.  It's dark by then, so here isn't anything to do but go to bed when you don't have any power at home either.

It must be really eerie to be in a major metro area with no street lights, no traffic on the streets, no hum of a/c units & traffic in the background, etc.

Howdy, Y'all.
We are grateful to hear that Gary's Sheri is OK and that the Whetstones are OK, too.

We survived our ride through Hurricane Wilma. Our Wanderlodge was beat up a little bit. Ms. Wilma broke
a large tree limb and laid it across the roof. The smaller branches and leaves were scraping along the
driver?s side of the coach. A large branch damaged the driver?s side view mirror; cracked its? support
and broke a small piece out of the upper mirror. The domed cover of the non-working roof mounted antenna
was broken. During the eye of the storm, Jack went up on the roof and chopped part of that limb so that
we could pull it away from the sidewall of the coach. That broken limb is still hung up  in that tree.

The wind was ferocious but the Wanderlodge was rock solid with little shudders once in a while from the
gusts of wind.  We didn?t get much rain from the storm.

When I turned on the center air conditioner on Tuesday afternoon, the fan rattled. Jack tightened up the
fan motor mount and the rattling stopped. Jack figured that the impact on the roof from that tree limb
loosened the motor mount.

There was considerable tree damage in our park, lots of awnings ripped off of rigs, one trailer flipped
over and another fifth wheel trailer slid off of its? front supports. Out in the storage yard, a fifth
wheeler flipped over, landing on the chain link fence and destroying it. Yesterday, Thursday, a 
mega-large wrecker righted the flipped rigs. That was kind of interesting to watch.

I have photos that I will upload. The biggest amount of debris was the pool enclosure that was totally
blown apart; walls and roof. Amazing! 

We lost electricity Monday morning and the park still doesn't have power. We do have city water but if
you want to drink it, you must boil the water for 5 minutes OR put 8 drops of plain chorine bleach in a
gallon of water. Jack inadvertently refilled our fresh water tank yesterday without asking me about the
status of the water supply.(Gr-r-r-r)  :mad:  :mad: So we can't drink our water unless I treat it.  :mad:  :mad: Just goes to show how important it is to communicate frequently.  We started our generator Monday and have been running it
ever since. And we ran an extension cord to our neighbor's house so that they could power their frig and
a Tv.

A big thank you to Framily that kept us in their prayers and thoughts.

Jack and Liz



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