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Mar 4, 2005
Hondo, TX
Howdy, RV Framily.

We want to bring y'all up to date on our travels and tribulations. We are currently camped in the Riana
Campground(COE) at Abiquiu Lake, NM. Jack and our grandson Cole go fishing, fishing, fishing. They don't
catch a lot of fish, just enough to keep Cole's interest peaked.

We were going to head to Colorado until a disaster happened. ON his 62nd birthday, Sunday, Jack had his
wallet stolen at the Walmart in Espanola, NM. Of course, I called our bank immediately and our gold
credit card and Jack's debit card were cancelled. My debit card still works BUT the WORST thing is the
loss of Jack's DRIVER'S License. He applied for a temporary driving permit on the Florida state web
site. We are waiting for some contact from them.

We can only stay here until this Sunday, which will be our 14th day in this campground. Hopefully we'll
hear something from Florida before then. I hope, I hope. I am petrified about driving our Wanderlodge on mountain roads.  :(  :(

At least I had Jack's DL# written down on some paperwork.

I am finding out that campgrounds in this area with 50 amp service are not readily available and it has
been hot, hot, here.

Comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome, please.

Jack, Liz, Cole and Oreo the cat.
We have stayed at the COE campground at Abiquiu Reservoir and enjoyed it very much.  It was one of several COE campgrounds we found in NM and all were very nice.

Sorry about Jack's wallet.  At least you discovered it right away and were able to cancel the cards.

Mountain roads arent' bad to drive on, if you're careful to stay off of the really difficult ones.  Local information can help you if you have any doubts about a route.  We enjoyed our tours of northern NM and know you will to.
Jack and Liz

Sorry to hear about Jack's wallet.  I think if you talk to the campground hosts/work campers they might allow you to stay until you hear something from the FL DMV.  Can't give you any suggestions about parks with 50 amp hook-ups in that area because we were there in April and stayed at Corp parks and Elks Clubs and didn't need 50 amp especially since we had 4" of snow on Easter Sunday.
Howdy, Ned and Lorna.
Thanks for the kind words. We did talk to the head ranger here and he was very understanding of our situation.  We did get an email from Florida and I think that Jack's temporary driving permit is on the way to Bob Maxwell's house.

We have to give up our present site for 2 nights so we will be testing our Wanderlodge's boondocking capabilities. It seems that our space was reserved for a special purpose months ago  unbeknowst to us. . So the head ranger asked us to choose one of the no water, no electric sites because all other sites for this coming weekend are taken. But I am not complaining because we will be allowed to stay here longer than the camping day limit.

Thanks for your concern.  :)

Jack, Liz, Cole and Oreo the cat

Sorry about the theft. It is a shame. As far as mountain roads, the wife and I drove over the rockies in NM on our way the Angel Fire and back with no problems. It is also worth noting we did it in our first year and within the first 5000 miles of beginning RV'ing. We were nervous but took our time and it was fine. In fact, we pulled over a time or two to let a few cars go by and they honked and waved in appreciation. I'm a new Rv'er and not real smart....yall will be fine!!!!


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