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Mar 4, 2005
Hondo, TX
Howdy, Y'all.

After having a very pleasant and restful stay of 10 days at Daingerfield State Park in
Daingerfield,TX we are presently parked in the back yard of Ralph and Charolette
Fullenwider in Duncan, OK. This is the first time I have been in Oklahoma and I really
like the wide open spaces of this area. Lots of farmland.
We lost the use of our generator as its' cooling fan would not function. We figured that
we would have to replace that fan motor. However, Ralph found an extra switch that
controls the fan motor circuit breaker. This switch was turned off. Gee, how did that
happen? Was it turned off during the genset service performed by Bleakley RV? There is no
way to really be certain. What a relief to know that we have one less repair to worry

We are waiting upon the arrival of 2 fan motors, one for the bed room air conditioners
and one for the LR air conditioner. Ralph also found a fist-sized hole in a section of
the exhaust pipe of the Detroit diesel engine. Jack is going to work on removing the
affected part. Then he will replace it. This should prove interesting as the area that he
needs to work in is not all that big.<grin>

The coach's steps received a performance tweaking and lubrication from Ralph. They work
better, now.  Jack and Ralph realigned the front door and it closes a lot tighter now.
Jack is going to investigate the electric door lock's mechanism to determine why it
doesn't work. There is some minor plumbing issues to deal with. Ralph and Jack are going
to perform some lubrication on the chassis. Ralph is also going to perform an inspection
of the brakes.

We are learning a lot about our Wanderlodge's systems from Ralph. He is a very good
technician, teacher and a really nice person. His wife, Charolette, has made us feel
right at home.

We found out that our cat, Oreo, is afraid of storms. She will hide under the kitchen
table or Jack's chair and cower. Poor kitty. While traveling, she rides in her luxurious
carrier complete with psuedo-sheepskin padding. <Smile> She still doesn't go into that
carrier willingly, though. 

I had a weird thing happen to my cell phone. It stopped "talking" to my computer via
cable for about 4 days. That was really frustrating as I could not get our email.
Yesterday I dropped the phone on the kitchen floor. It was dead as far as I could tell.
Jack re-seated the battery and the phone was revived. And guess what?! The phone now
"talks" to the computer and I can get our email!!! Black magic!!<grin>

We expect to be here through next week. Our son, Matt, may drive up from Fort Worth, TX
with our grandson, Cole. Cole will spend his 2 months of summer vacation with us. We are
going to see Bob and Bev Maxwell in Belen, NM. That is our planned next stop. That is the
news from our Wanderlodge.

Hope that this message find y'all in good health and spirits.  :D  :D
Jack and Liz Pearce and Oreo.
It appears that you have dropped right into retirement mode with very little difficulty :)  Happy to hear you're enjoying your travels.

Tell Jack when he gets everything working its time to trade again. ;D
Thanks for the update.  Good to hear you didn't need to replace the fan motor.  Like Ned mentioned it sounds like you are settling right in to retirement.  After a short time you won't even miss these thing you lost when you retired. (Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Leave, Paid Holidays, and Weekends)

Sam & I will return to Sam's Camp probably by the 10th of July.  We are kinda running on the kids schedule this year for our annual visit to Sam's mother.  We spend a month there to help her mother out.  We hope to see you there.  If it looks like you will get there before us just let us know and we will let Shirley, the Sam's Camp manager, know so she will let you park.

Hope you continue to have safe enjoyable travels.
Good news on the generator fan Liz. OTOH if it really was broken, Ron had a few spare parts left over from fixing his at QZ. See photo.

Please convey our very best wishes to Bob and Bev. They are a very special couple.
Howdy, Y'all.
We stayed in New Mexico for about 3-4 weeks. On the way to Cheyenne, WY, we stayed at the KOA at Colorado City, CO for 2 days. Nice park! We played miniature golf with our grandson Cole. That was fun. Hadn't done that for about 50 years. :D  :D

Now we have been in Cheyenne, WY since this past Monday. I love this Wyoming scenery and so glad to be out of the mountains. While going through Raton Pass, I rested on the sofa, while asking "Are we through this pass  yet?!!;  ;)  ;)

We are in Terry Bison RV park, it is OK. Ron and Sam Ruward are parked next to us. Sure is nice to see them in person after all of these years!!! They gave us a lot of useful directions for getting to Lewistown, MT. Ron called my attention to the threads about Cody, WY.

We appreciate, very much, being able to get online via Ron's network.  The park's WiFi is marginal at best.
Today we shopped at one of the oldest clothing stores in Cheyenne, the Wrangler. Cole and I bought new western hats, Jack bought a handsome belt and I bought sterling silver earrings. Then we visited the Cheyenne Frontier Days museum. That was really interesting!!
We also took the train ride offered here at the RV park and learned how this ranch got started. We saw lots of horses, camels, ostriches, burros and best of all, the bison!! Took lots of photos, too.

Cole has also gone horseback riding here at the ranch for an hour and he really enjoyed that. He wants to do that again!!!

Bottom line is that we are having a good time!! And I will upload some photos!!  Cole on his horse, Jack's inflatable boat, funny sign at Kiva RV Park and Horse Motel, Bernardo, NM

Hope that this message finds y'all in good health and spirits,
Jack, Liz, Cole and Oreo the escape cat.


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