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Steve CDN

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Jan 31, 2005
I use a Wacom pen and tablet for photo editing and a software company called? EverNote has a free version of note taking software that can make use of a mouse/pen.? In fact you don't really need a pen for Evernote because screen shots from your browser can be captures as well as any selected text on your monitor.?

EverNote's new software for PC users lets you use their Wacom pen to jot notes and map new ideas that are instantly retrievable. The optional paid version has inking and handwriting recognition features.? ?The software can store all your notes, charts, excerpts from web clips, images, documents, and emails in one place so you can quickly and easily find just the note you need or the idea you jotted down last month.

If you have a Wacom pen you can jot down handwritten notes and not lose the scraps of paper like I do!

Download free version of EverNote
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