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Feb 19, 2006
Planning a trip to pensacola in October. Any advice as to campgrounds recommendations?
No help on campgrounds but Fort Barrancas is well worth a vist and if you go out there late in the day, you can meet the shrimp boats as they return and buy absolutely fresh shrimp dirt cheap. Gulf Islands National Seashore was a great place but I'm not sure how much is left after last year's hurricanes and I'm pretty sure the campground out there is closed....too bad, nice campground with E/W hookups and white sand beaches.
If you can use military facilities, NAS Pensacola has a nice cg on  Pensacola Bay as well as another site ,Blue Angel Campground on Perdido Bay. Fort Pickens CG has been closed since hurricane Ivan 2 years ago with no opening in sight. Grand Lagoon State Park has a CG with water access. There is a KOA in Lillian AL, right across the Perdido Bay bridge. Black Water River state park also has a cg. Thee are more around but these are the big name ones.

Make sure you see the Naval Aviation museam as well as the Blue Angel Practice at NAS every Monday and Tue. You sit on the sirfield and see the whole complete show, for free.

Have no personal history of eith  of 2 CG but somehow I do have info on them from a few years ago. Island View XG on the water, Gulf Blvd.  904-932-2530  It's near Navarre Beach,  and Safari CG on the East side of Pensacola For Info 800-358-9165 or 904-632-3936 near Milton.  We had intensions of being in that area a few years back but never got there for some strange reason. Don't even know if they still exist since all the hurricanes down there.  Good luck.

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