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Dec 19, 2006
One of the major things I'm considering before going full-time is physical exercise.  At age 70, my arthritis requires heavy weight exercise.  I realize that many RV Parks have facilities for exercising but if I should do a lot of boondocking, I would not have this luxury.  Has anyone found a program of exercises that can be accomplished in a small confined area, such as isotonic exercises?  Walking is part of my existing program and that would not need to change but other muscles need proper exercise.  Thanks for any help you may give.
2real said:
I am perceiving that RVers don't exercise too much!

Hey, Hubby and I  are RVers who walk daily.  Sometimes for 90 minutes.  Sometimes we sleep in but we do always try to do something.  When I had shoulder surgery I rigged up a pully system from ladder to do exercise. When we are in Yuma for a few months at a time , I joined the YMCA to do the water exercise for  arthritis.   Where there is a will there is a way.

Betty Brewer
2real said:
I am perceiving that RVers don't exercise too much! ::)

I hate to burst your bubble but RVers do exercise quite a bit. Many walk every morning and others ride bicycles. When we are at home in Florida I ride an average of 13 miles a day at 16mph!!! Not too bad for a 65 year old!!! When we are traveling I will climb almost every hill I can find just to see what's on the other side. RVers are probablly more active than any other class of people in the world!!!!
I've had 3 phyical fanatics, in perfect shape die this past year.  End result is they Died healthy.  With all the problems I've had over the years I hardly exercise.  figure all those extra steps I'm saving for later on.

I use this set of bungee cord tools. You stuff a supplied block out the door and shut the door on the strap. Now the cords are inside and well anchored. I can stand in the aisle just behind front seats or sit on passenger seat and do excercises with most muscle groups.

I also acquired a 75 cm Pilates ball to sit on and do an assortment of weird positions.
We use the bands like Russ described only we got ours from a sporting goods store.  We also just bought a Cycle Exerciser, it is a pedal device about 16" long, about 14" high and about as wide as a bicycle pedal set.  You sit on a chair and pedal it like a bike and you can also put it on a table and use it by hand for arm and shoulder exercises. 

We found that we did not use the bikes in many places as it was too dangerous to ride on the streets particularly in So. CA while visiting friends and relatives so we are giving this a try.  It is kind of nice to sit there pedaling away and listen to the radio or watch TV and still get the exercise, especially the aerobics for me.  :-((

You gotta do what you gotta do!
Here is a list of exercises:
rhmahoney said:
I use this set of bungee cord tools. You stuff a supplied block out the door and shut the door on the strap. Now the cords are inside and well anchored. I can stand in the aisle just behind front seats or sit on passenger seat and do excercises with most muscle groups.

Having worked out four nights a week on a weight machine for ten years before starting this full timing life style, I miss the exersize. I took a look at the web site and am intrigued with the system.
The one thing I have a concern about is the door anchor. It looks like it might be a problem closing it in the door of my Sightseer.
What has your experience been? Is the strap thin enough to not interfere with the closing?

Thanks for all the comments.  That bodylastic thing looks like it may have some merit.  If I don't do serious, heavy weight exercise to various parts of the body the arthritis bothers considerably.  Wrists and shoulders mainly. 

Thanks again.
Hi 2real

My other half (Ann-Marie, 35) has purchased a set of weights from WalMart.

She will go for a 3.5 mile run each morning, then come back and do 50mins weights and stretching inside the RV.

If you need "heavy" weights, just buy the size to fit your requirements.


PS No - I dont do anything and can maintain my 280lbs with careful advance planning (where shall we eat tonight, where shall we eat tomorrow night, etc, etc).

We walk, we hike, we ride bikes (no toad) and I lift cans (don't need to haul separate weights). Sit ups and push ups don't require much space either.

Death Valley, Mesquite Campground
I put the bodylastic blob outside the RV door and work out inside the RV so that tie stress pulls the door into the frame. I don't want to test the reverse...pulling the door open.

I have not yet tried using the car door as a base for the blob. There i would stand outside the car to work out. The nylon strap should be fine as it is about the size of a folded car seatbelt ( I have often shut the car door on this).
I have a couple suggestions.  Arthritis speaks to movement so walking, running, cycling, skating (Yes skating ;D, roller or ice) with armor, and swimming are some things one can do outside of the RV.  Inside I'd recommend finding some of those weights you fill with water and use them.  Compact, light when dry and easy to put away.  Situps/crunches, pushups, (modified on knees if problems with the whole pushup) are good ways to exercise as well.  Getting a wind trainer for your bicycle during bad weather will allow for a great workout inside while watching the TV or listening to music.
I'd recommend exercise for everyone as 30 minutes of exercise in the morning will pay off throughout the day both in mood and a sense of physical well being.  I'd also not forget how to play as us adults tend to be so serious about our lives and many physical ailments become more intense because of that seriousness. 

Hope this helps...Phil   
There are lots of exercises that you can to without machines or weights.  You can do a LOT for your upper body with various forms of pushups.  Walking and a few lunges takes care of most of the lower body.  Now, your not going to be competing in a body building contest but you will still add strength.

Dumbells are a great addition but with a motor home there is the weight issue.  There are dumbells that are just plastic that can be filled with water that would solve this.  Once you are ready to move on the water can simply be drained out.

Here is the link for Aquabells Dumbells:
We've been trying to figure out whether to keep our fitness center membership or not.  With retirement, we will be on a much more limited income.  When we are away, we can put it on hold and not have to pay for the time we are not here.  The suggestions that I've seen here will help with our decision.  We may just not restart the membership after we get back from our first trip!
I use a variety of Leslie Sansone's "Walk Away the Pounds" tapes and DVDs - she uses stretchie bands and weights and has a variety of tapes ranging from 1 - 4 miles as well as speciality ones like Muscle Mile and Walk-Jog.

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