Pigtail wiring for Casita

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Aug 9, 2005
La Porte, TX
I am looking at new tow vehicles (domestic, the Chevy's, Ford's and Dodge's) fullsize 1/2 ton crew cabs. Question is: if I buy one of these (leaning toward the dodge) with factory tow package, will the plug next to the hitch (7 pin), work ok as is with the trailer pigtail? Here is the catch, I have a Casita 16ft and the pigtail is also 7 pin, but Casita manual says "Casita trailer lights are wired on a 2 wire system, that is the left turn and stop are on one wire and the right turn and stop are on another wire. Some vehicles, especially foreign vehicles are wired on a 3 wire system, that is the stop and turn signals are on separate circuits. If your vehicle is wired on a 3 wire circuit, then you will have to use a tail light converter on your vehicle that converts the 3 wire system to a two wire system."

Will I need this on the above model pickups? Thanks for any advice anyone can give.
Take a look at the back of the truck.  Do the turn signals use the same lights as the brake lights, or do they light up a seperate part of the stop/turn signal housing?  If they light up the same part of the housing they're two-wire.  Seperate turn signal lights mean three wire.

As far as I know, all domestic pickups are two wire.
Based on some messages from another member who has a new Dodge, it seems the Dodge tow option has both 4 pin flat and 7 pin Bargman/Pollack plugs, so it can handle both small utility & boat trailers or RV trailers.  You might have to re-wire which wire goes to which pin if the Casita is non-standard, but thats no big deal. And if the truck has the new 3 wire system and the trailer is 2 wire, there are adapters available in most any auto parts store or RV store that will convert.

For an overview of standard wiring for the 7 pin plug and also wiring charts for the Dodge, Ford and GM tow harnesses, see http://www.marksrv.com/wiring.htm
I'll confirm what Gary said.  My 2005 Dodge has a 7 pin connector receptacle and a 4 pin connector(4 pin hanging just below rear bumper)

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